Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service

Unlock the power of construction data to make informed, proactive decisions and drive continuous improvement across project planning, construction, and asset operation. Leverage predictive intelligence to reduce schedule, workflow, and safety risk.

Construction Intelligence Cloud Service

Learn how to fast-track the unified data journey.

Construction Intelligence Cloud Service Products

Unlock the power of construction data. Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions that reduce risk in the areas of schedule, safety, and project workflows.


Construction Intelligence Cloud

Construction Intelligence Cloud analyzes, predicts, and makes recommendations that enable organizations to make proactive decisions across their project and asset lifecycles.

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Analytics

Analyze comprehensive project data from Oracle Smart Construction Platform applications and other sources, including KPIs for schedule, cost, safety, and other key performance metrics.

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor

Leverage predictive intelligence and your historical project data to identify hidden risks that need to be investigated and addressed, including schedule delays, poor schedule quality, process inefficiencies, and project planning issues.

Oracle Newmetrix Construction Intelligence Cloud

Measure, predict, and prevent safety incidents with the power of AI. Focus attention on the projects at greatest risk, understand why they are at risk, and get guidance on how to address that risk.


Comprehensive project data

Construction Intelligence Cloud Analytics enables you to analyze comprehensive project data from Oracle Smart Construction Platform applications, including core KPIs for schedule, cost, risk, and other key performance metrics.

Prebuilt data connections

Out-of-the-box data connections enable you to easily access and use all your project data to gain a comprehensive understanding of performance throughout your operations.

Industry best practice dashboards

Prebuilt construction industry and custom dashboards deliver insights catered to the unique needs of each customer, enabling you to make sense of complex information, spot outliers, and take the correct actions to drive continuous improvement.

Fast time to value

Leverage industry-leading BI and data handling built from the ground up for owners and delivery teams in construction and capital project management.


Address schedule and workflow risk

Leverage your historical project data to inform current decisions, monitor performance, and keep projects on track using Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor.

Predictive insights

Monitor and maintain the quality of the project schedule by measuring it against industry standards. Improve the quality of predictions over time through feedback and constant model retraining.

Schedule risk

Predict the probability of project and activity delays so you can take proactive action based on the insights provided. Visualize the schedule in new ways to uncover hidden risks and ensure the downstream impact of delayed activities is managed proactively.

Workflow risk

Easily identify and mitigate process inefficiencies, project planning issues, and potential disputes on your projects.


Predictive analytics

Newmetrix Construction Intelligence Cloud allows you to continuously reduce risk by proactively identifying high-risk projects through an incident early warning system. Construction-specific AI models analyze data, including observations, manpower data, photos, and more, to predict the projects at highest risk of safety incidents every week.

Safety observations

Involve the entire project team in the shared responsibility of safety and turn observations into field conversations with an easy-to-use field system. The system has been shown to reduce incident rates by as much as 60% through improved awareness of safety onsite and its connection to data and analytics for program management.

Safety monitoring

Identify up-to-date risk conditions and where to focus to address safety risk by using AI to analyze your jobsite photos. Computer vision–powered automatic safety risk assessments enable cross-project benchmarking for leading risk indicators from slip, trip, and fall hazards to PPE, workers at height, overflowing trash bins, and more.

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  • Using analytics & AI to reduce risk: the Contractor’s perspective

    See how leading US contractors The Boldt Company and Suffolk Construction have implemented an observation-based safety program including analytics and AI to manage safety risk across their companies.

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  • Using analytics and AI to reduce risk: An owner’s perspective

    See how leading UK water utility company Severn Trent has implemented an analytics and AI approach to managing safety risk across their capital projects portfolio.

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