Bosch taps generative AI in Oracle Digital Assistant to improve customer service

The global technology and services leader uses Oracle Digital Assistant to offer automated, conversational AI service to its customers.


The partnership between Bosch Brazil and Oracle demonstrates the power of integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence and customer service. Beto (ODA) has come to provide our consumers with a unique experience, giving them the power to choose which service channel they prefer for information.

Ana SilvaMIS/BI Supervisor, Bosch Service Solutions Brazil

Business challenges

With almost 70 years of history in Brazil, the Bosch Group offers products and services ranging from mobility and industrial technology to consumer goods and energy. A part of the Bosch Group, Bosch Service Solutions is a leader in Business Process Outsourcing for customer service, mobility, monitoring, and business services. The division uses the latest technologies, including IoT, and employs 10,000 staff in 27 locations around the globe.

To improve its customer service, Bosch Service Solutions sought a partner that offered a suite of products designed to harness the power of AI in applications. The company wanted a tool to help optimize operations and customer satisfaction.

Why Bosch chose Oracle

Bosch selected Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) because of its versatility in generating and understanding not only responses in different languages, but also its ability to generate speech in multiple languages. Oracle Digital Assistant also stood out for its Large Language Models (LLM) capability. This generative AI delivers pertinent information, even on topics not explicitly covered in its repository. Bosch leaders recognized that Oracle Digital Assistant could make coherent responses that aligned with the Bosch universe, even without pre-existing content on the subject.

In addition, because Bosch was already an Oracle customer, integrating ODA with the company’s existing Oracle Service applications would be seamless.


After adopting ODA, Bosch introduced Beto, a virtual customer service agent. Powered with conversational and generative AI, Beto offered automated and omnichannel assistance to Bosch customers in various areas, including power tools, automotive, heaters, precision livestock farming, and more. Even people seeking a job with Bosch can use Beto to search for careers.

Beto is available on multiple social channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the Bosch website. in addition to handling Portuguese text and voice, it can transfer conversations to a human agent when necessary.

Using Beto, Bosch offered customers 24/7 service. User queries were answered in real time, with a 40% increase in the number of calls, improving customer satisfaction. Since its implementation, Beto has handled more than 200,000 service conversations about more than 10 different subjects. On average, the ODA-powered virtual assistant fields 3,000 queries per month from customers. In 50% of the cases, Beto was able to resolve customers’ issues without transferring them to a human agent.

Published:January 24, 2024

About the customer

The Bosch Group is a global technology and services leader, with operations in mobility, consumer goods, IoT, energy, and more. The company employs about 10,000 people in Brazil. In 2022, it reported net revenue of R$ 7.8 billion.