MAJESTY Golf gains insights to boost sales with Oracle Cloud

The Tokyo-based golf clubs manufacturer makes faster, more informed decisions using Oracle Cloud ERP.


We saw sales growth compared to the same period of the previous year, in part because of the ways of working brought about through Oracle Cloud ERP.

Christopher KimCEO, MAJESTY Golf

Business challenges

MAJESTY Golf, maker of the MAJESTY PRESTIGIO line of luxury metal woods and irons, was founded in 1971 under the name Maruman, but it later took on the MAJESTY brand. Today, MAJESTY Golf is by far the #1 global brand in the premium golf club market, with a share of more than 60%.

In order to further grow its business, the company had to solve operational problems due to the fact Japan and South Korea used different—and outdated—ERP systems, making it difficult to track and reconcile the latest financial numbers and to analyze the data to improve performance.

Why MAJESTY Golf chose Oracle

MAJESTY Golf compared Oracle and SAP financial applications, choosing Oracle Cloud ERP because the company determined that the Oracle apps do a better job of meeting its challenges, enabling the company to clearly demonstrate management’s performance to banks and other outside investors.


Oracle Cloud ERP helped MAJESTY Golf redeploy its workforce to focus more on growing sales and less on managing repetitive back-office operations. Company executives now get a comprehensive view of operations via dashboards, and they can drill down to understand key areas—such as sales, logistics, and finance—in depth. And because Oracle Cloud ERP can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, salespeople can quickly and easily input orders from the field. Information about all product shipments is stored in the Oracle ERP system, which is linked to MAJESTY Golf’s Oracle Eloqua marketing automation system, making ongoing customer relationships easier to manage and track.

Published:May 28, 2020