Seguritech gets performance and peace of mind with Oracle

The Mexican security company stays at the forefront of security and performance with Oracle Big Data Service and Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.


What Oracle brings me is peace of mind. It helps me by saving time on complex projects, and it removes my worries about infrastructure because I know this system works and that I won't have to run out every time there is a problem.

Pablo Daniel MaioloChief Technology Officer, Seguritech

Business challenges

Seguritech provides information services to the surveillance sector, including data analysis, cloud storage, cybersecurity, and video and image analytics. With more than 1,200 employees, its headquarters is in Mexico, and it also has activities in Colombia, the United States, Israel, China, Ecuador, and El Salvador. The company is a system integrator, providing the best hardware and software solutions and matching them to the needs of the security market. Seguritech provides everything needed for the surveillance of a location, from cameras to analytics to artificial intelligence.

In order to offer the best tools, Seguritech sought a computing infrastructure solution for its data center that would allow high-volume processing at high speed, in order to serve the demands of its customers. The company wanted both excellent performance and almost perfect uptime for computing and network infrastructure.

Oracle is a great company, and you can see quality in all its products. Also, I think the people who work at Oracle are good professionals.

Pablo Daniel MaioloChief Technology Officer, Seguritech

Why Seguritech Chose Oracle

Seguritech chose two solutions, Oracle Big Data Service and Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, because they enabled the company to stay at the forefront of security, performance, and redundancy, says Pablo Daniel Maiolo, Seguritech chief technology officer.

Compared with other providers, the consistency of Oracle’s big data solution was an extremely important factor, Maiolo says. This is a key issue because companies rely on Seguritech's services for critical tasks such as preventing a robbery or sending an ambulance in time.


Performance is the main benefit Seguritech gains with Oracle Big Data Service. The level of processing has been extremely high since the implementation of the solution, reaching 99.9% availability. This gives the technology team more peace of mind knowing their infrastructure is working, which lets them dedicate more time to other strategic activities. The security of the solution is also a fundamental benefit for Seguritech, since it puts their team at the forefront of capabilities such as encryption that supports processing security.

One of the main benefits of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is its simplicity, which saves time for the technology team and minimizes opportunities for human error, according to the company. Private Cloud Appliance is an integrated infrastructure system engineered for converged compute, network, and storage technologies for hosting. In the past, Seguritech had to organize blade servers to configure some virtualization software. Today, employees can log into the Oracle solution, choose how much performance is needed, and that's it. In addition, the hardware performance has been solid and efficient.

Published:July 23, 2021