Sky.One reduces TCO by 40% and improves SAP workloads with Oracle Cloud

The IT service provider helps companies move SAP workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, reducing cost and improving performance and availability.


By migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the São Paulo cloud region, we were able to offer our services in a SaaS model, ensuring continuous availability of up to 99.995% with no interruptions.

Guilherme GoulartCommercial Manager, Sales Operations, Sky.One Solutions

Business challenges

Sky.One Solutions is a Brazilian IT company working in 15 countries and providing technology solutions for 1,400 customers. Many Sky.One customers are small- to medium-size software providers themselves, providing applications to industries such as restaurants, accounting firms, and supermarkets.

Sky.One spotted an opportunity in helping these companies embrace the cloud. By moving on-premises SAP applications to run on cloud infrastructure, businesses achieved greater efficiency and agility and reduced IT costs. Sky.One created a digital platform to facilitate this process. The company had used Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure located in the United States for the majority of its SAP Business One projects, but that brought customer challenges related to application performance, user experience, and budgets.

Sky.One decided to explore other cloud infrastructure options.

Thanks to OCI, we were able to bring digital transformation and innovation to companies in a much faster, scalable, and flexible way.

Guilherme GoulartCommercial Manager, Sales Operations, Sky.One Solutions

Why Sky.One Solutions chose Oracle

Sky.One selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for hosting SAP Business One workloads, after considering other providers such as AWS and Google Cloud Engine. The unique services OCI offers, including security services and a convenient pricing policy, were important reasons. Access to two high-availability domains in Oracle Cloud regions inside Brazil, at the same cost as any other Oracle Cloud region around the world, was also important for Sky.One. OCI also allowed the company to comply with data security and data residency requirements of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

Oracle Exadata Database Service on OCI became the preferred database technology for Sky.One’s customers to run SAP applications, thanks to increased availability and performance and the lack of maintenance work and legacy data center costs.


The IT service provider moved SAP Business One workloads such as back-office financial applications, customer-facing applications, and big data analytics workloads to OCI to capitalize on its low latency, pay-per-use subscription model, and ease of use. The migrations of on-premises environments to OCI reduced Sky.One's total cost of ownership by 40%. As a result of the lower costs and improved performance achieved with OCI, Sky.One is gaining market share through a competitive advantage in its niche market.

The quick migrations of SAP workloads to OCI offered Sky.One’s tech industry customers a secure, flexible, and scalable business model. OCI’s always-on security, as well as automated backups and disaster recovery, enable Sky.One’s customers to have more time to focus on the configuration of their SAP Business applications and on the satisfaction of their customers.

Published:April 29, 2022