TJMG reduces infrastructure overhaul costs by 60% with Oracle Cloud

To meet growing demand, the Brazilian court turned to Oracle Cloud@Customer to gain the advantages of cloud while keeping control of data on-premises.


Adopting Oracle Cloud@Customer was essential because it allowed us to technologically upgrade our systems, making them faster, safer and more reliable.

Judge Delvan Barcelos JúniorIT Executive Board Coordinator, Court of Justice of Minas Gerais

Business challenges

The Court of Justice of Minas Gerais (TJMG) is the second largest court of justice in Brazil, with approximately 25,000 employees and 1,100 magistrates. The agency is responsible for administering and governing the 297 judicial courts of Minas Gerais, Brazil’s second most populous state with 21.3 million people.

Demand for the court’s services was already straining resources the last few years, and the pandemic increased demand even more.

As TJMG was modernizing with videoconferencing technology for online hearings and trials, it created the Efficient Justice Program focused on the development and implementation of an electronic criminal process throughout the state. However, TJMG still needed more infrastructure to develop new software applications and automate processes. The court also lacked adequate redundancy for its environment.

Another technology challenge for the court was to improve citizen service levels by reducing the time it takes to process cases. Doing so would require adopting an IT system with greater processing speed, storage capacity, and data security.

As the team tackled these challenges, they also were concerned with issues including hardware obsolescence, operating cost reductions, and the destination of replaced equipment.

Why TJMG chose Oracle

TJMG chose Oracle Private Cloud@Customer and Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer to access the benefits of automating application and database processes for increased availability and agility from the cloud inside its own data center. TJMG also chose Oracle because of the long-standing collaboration between the organizations, which started in the 1990s. Over three decades, the court has developed about 200 systems on Oracle platforms.


Using Oracle Private Cloud@Customer to develop the new dgital applications and Exadata Cloud@Customer to run critical databases has enabled TJMD to lower costs by 60% compared to the cost of maintenaning the old infrastructure.

In addition to the lower cost, the court has gained more resources and capabilities with Oracle Cloud. TJMG systems have easily coped with the spike in demand caused by the pandemic, providing the court the needed capacity to support the unexpected situation.

The court also gained more agility in deliveries as a result of increased processing capacity and greater stability of the system.

The implementation of Oracle Cloud@Customer systems took seven months to complete. The implementation used two environments: One for development and another as the production environment. Since completing its infrastructure upgrade, TJMG has digitized 3.5 million existing records.

Published:April 15, 2022