Application Continuity

Application Continuity is an Oracle Database feature that masks interruptions at the database level for planned and unplanned situations, improving the fault tolerance of applications that rely on Oracle Database.

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Application Continuity key capabilities

Application outage avoidance

Application Continuity averts application disruptions during planned maintenance and unplanned database or server outages without needing application code changes or server restarts.

Transparent session migration

Application Continuity gracefully migrates Sessions between Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) instances or Oracle Active Data Guard databases but does not abort or abruptly disconnect applications, which avoids connection storms, preserves the application's session state, and ensures that replayable, interrupted transactions come to a successful end.

Broad coverage

Application Continuity supports a broad range of commercial and custom applications on various coding platforms, like Python, PHP, Java, and .NET, including drivers such as JDBC and ODP.NET, and everyday application servers/connection pools, such as WebLogic, JBoss with UCP, and HikariCP.

Built on Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture

Application Continuity extends Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) objectives and principles of providing zero data loss and zero application downtime to recover uncommitted (in-flight) transactions and the application stack.

Detailed statistics

Application Continuity generates rich replay statistics and provides an integrated AC Check functionality to report on successful replays and uncovered calls for further optimization.

Unique in the industry

Application Continuity is unique to Oracle Database; the only database currently offering a business continuity solution such as Application Continuity.

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Application Continuity made simple with Universal Connection Pool
May 20, 2024

Use ACCHK to Understand your Application Protection by Application Continuity

Sinan Petrus Toma, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Anil Nair, Master Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Application Continuity extends the high availability to the application layer. It masks the database session interruption from end-users and applications by automatically reconnecting the session to an available database instance, restoring the session state, and replaying interrupted in-flight requests transparently to end-users and applications.

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