Unified Orchestration—a Cloud Native Service Orchestration Solution

Accelerate time to revenue of fixed, pre-5G, and 5G-era mobile and digital services. Automate design, creation, and end-to-end intent-driven service orchestration across multiple physical, network cloud, and software-defined networking domains. Coordinate actions and workflows via traditional activation, configuration, or domain-level orchestration systems.

Multidomain unified orchestration for telco cloud automation.

Unified Service Orchestration features and benefits

Oracle’s unified orchestration solution is helping customers automate the fulfilment and orchestration of fixed, mobile, and digital services.

Unify service and network orchestration

Accelerate the design, delivery, and lifecycle management of 5G, fiber, and digital services. Implement out-of-the-box or customized parameters while avoiding network vendor lock-in to accelerate revenue.

Multidomain service orchestration

Automate the design, creation, and end-to-end orchestration of fixed, pre-5G, and 5G-era mobile and digital services. Coordinate workflows and actions via traditional activation, configuration, and domain orchestration systems.

Intent-driven orchestration

Implement intent-driven orchestration based on customers’ business goals. Use out-of-the-box service models and customize parameters to match customer requirements and translate them to service and network intent.

Accelerated time to revenue

Increase service delivery velocity for traditional and digital services. Seamlessly integrate with order management, assurance, inventory, and network orchestration to eliminate provisioning errors and order fallouts.

Multivendor solution

Avoid network vendor lock-in by deploying an independent multivendor orchestration solution. Reduce operational complexities with a platform that abstracts and interworks with vendor-specific domain orchestration, network management, and automation solutions.

Be 5G ready with scalable, dynamic orchestration

Sync the back office with the digital front office to achieve scalability and operational agility through automation. Create dynamic orchestration workflows, and enable multivendor slice orchestration.

On-demand experience

Seamlessly deliver positive ordering experiences through digital channels with Unified Orchestration. Keep the back office in sync with the digital front office to create an automated flow throughout the orchestration process.

Cloud scale and cloud native

Increase IT agility with a cloud native, standards-based, open platform. Achieve scalability and operational agility with a solution that can automate the processing of millions of transactions per day.

Dynamic orchestration

Create dynamic orchestration workflows based on intent for each service. Manage all technical orders requiring service design, assignment of resources, and coordination actions across network orchestration and other systems.

Network slice orchestration

Orchestrate end-to-end network slices with a multilayered solution with prebuilt capabilities including CSMF, NSMF, and NSSMF. The solution also works with third-party modules to enable multivendor slice orchestration.

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Unified Orchestration components

01Oracle Communications Order and Service Management

Orchestrate orders and associated network services for traditional and digital services throughout their entire lifecycle with a fully cloud native application supporting DevOps and CI/CD that enables service providers to quickly design and orchestrate B2B, B2C, and B2B2X services across a multivendor, multidomain network.

Read the Order and Service Management datasheet (PDF)

02Oracle Communications Automated Service Activation Platform

Automatically activate services for consumers and enterprises in a heterogeneous, multivendor network and IT environment with a convergent platform. Integrate at the highest level of abstraction provided by the respective network domains for activation across fixed and mobile domains.

Read the ASAP datasheet (PDF)

03Oracle Communications IP Service Activator

Automate the provisioning of complex IP/Ethernet services and network applications over diverse physical and SDN/NFV-based networks. Support real-time service control for new, cloud-based business models. Reduce order fallout by providing structure and discipline to the provisioning of complex service configurations.

Read the IP Service Activator datasheet (PDF)

04Oracle Communications MetaSolv Solution

Deploy a fully integrated ordering, inventory, workflow, and trouble management solution. Introduce services rapidly with out-of-the-box support for US regulated intercarrier ordering standards. Introduce services quickly, streamline service delivery, improve operational control and visibility, and manage network services and resources more efficiently.

Read the MetaSolv Solution datasheet (PDF)

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