Oracle Primavera Cloud Service for Owners—Datasheet

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  • Schedule Methods: Standardized planning and schedule practice across entire portfolio
  • Planning and scheduling collaboration: Centralized standards and templates for easy set-up, partner inclusion and roll-up reporting
  • Progress tracking: streamlined progress capture, inspections and quality controls
  • Predictive capabilities: 3-5X reporting speed and real-time decision making support

Key benefits

  • Justify project investments with portfolio management and capital planning
  • Centralize all schedule, resource, and risk information
  • Easily unite and align all delivery partners into fully coordinated execution plans
  • Integrate critical path method (CPM) planning and scheduling with field task management
  • Understand resource constraints and demands across the entire portfolio
  • Leverage earned value management (EVM) practices and principles
  • Unlock predictive intelligence to highlight risks early and course-correct promptly
  • Manage all schedules, resources, and risks - from project ideation through operations and maintenance

Key process improvements

  • Portfolio optimization: Standardized project justification and selection process
  • Scheduling methods: Integrated CPM and task management
  • Planning and schedule collaboration: One execution plan connects and synchronizes office and field teams
  • Progress tracking: Easy, accessible process that enables participation and visibility for all
  • Risk mitigation: Integrated schedule, cost, and risk management
  • Predictive capabilities: Embedded predictive intelligence

Improve the predictability of project outcomes with Oracle Primavera Cloud Service. Integrate strategic project and portfolio planning, scheduling, and resource and risk management to support your entire project portfolio - from ideation through operations and maintenance.

The Challenges of Improving Predictable Outcomes

Engineering and construction projects are plagued by systemic coordination and communication hurdles. Owners are challenged with aligning and incentivizing multiple organizations towards specific milestones, goals, and objectives. In addition, owners know their data interests go far beyond project selection and management. Owners’ developed assets must be cared for and maintained long after their project delivery partners have progressed to the next job.

A lack of standard and centralized project and portfolio management impairs optimization, yields inconsistent planning and scheduling processes, limits collaboration, impedes progress tracking, and weakens risk management. Moreover, the inability to synchronize schedule data and processes restricts efforts to unlocking predictive intelligence - when and where it is needed - to improve decision-making.

These factors all increase the likelihood of unpredictable outcomes, unwanted risk exposures, and operational deficiencies that uniquely impact how owners plan, build, and operate their assets.

The Solution: Oracle Primavera Cloud Service

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a fully integrated strategic planning, scheduling, and risk management solution designed to support the entire project portfolio - from ideation through operations and maintenance.

Justify project investments with portfolio management and capital planning. Unite all office and field teams into one shared execution plan with the only planning and scheduling solution that integrates critical path method (CPM) scheduling with field task management.

Coordinate and optimize labor, equipment, and material resources within and across your portfolios. Easily centralize schedule and risk management processes for consistent program and portfolio roll-ups. Include all your trade partners, from the novice to the earned value management (EVM) expert, with tailored end user experiences that are highly secure and compliant with your processes. Plan strategically, build intelligently, and operate efficiently with a solution that includes a 30-year track record of service to owners everywhere.

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service: Fully integrated planning, scheduling, resource, and risk management.

Portfolio Management

As a central repository of all projects, Oracle Primavera Cloud Service helps categorize, score, select and manage the right projects to meet strategic objectives. Fund and manage the right projects with simplified scoring worksheets and intuitive investor maps. Quickly create shareable scenarios to discuss and present alternatives around schedule, resource and cost adjustments. Use portfolio dashboards and trending analysis to measure performance at any level.

Prioritize, select, plan and manage screenshot
Figure 1: Prioritize, select, plan and manage the right projects with strategic portfolio management and controls.

Planning, Scheduling, and Resource Management

Planning, scheduling, and resource management is the heartbeat of project or program delivery. A well-developed and collaboratively built schedule helps coordinate office and field teams to provide fully synchronized execution plans. Easily maintain the vital connection between the contractual critical path method (CPM) schedule and the field’s task management detail. Use digitized planning and execution boards to unite and focus teams around milestones, deliverables, and productivity in one integrated solution.

CPM and task management screenshot
Figure 2: The industries ONLY integrated CPM and task management solution.
Task management planning and execution board screenshot
Figure 3: Digital planning and execution boards for field team coordination.


Easily manage labor, equipment, and material resources within and across all projects, programs, and portfolios with Oracle Primavera Cloud Service. The solution provides a centralized resource and roles pool, making it easy to plan and optimize around resource scarcities or bottlenecks using worksheets, histograms, or profiles.

Resource and cost histograms and profiles screenshot
Figure 4: Easily understand and avoid resource bottlenecks within and across projects.


Oracle Primavera Cloud Service makes it easy to handle projects or programs of any size or complexity. Cover the needs of office and field teams, whether they need simple and easy to adopt tools or sophisticated capabilities such as advanced EVM, resource, cost, and risk management controls.

Schedule health scores and earned value metrics screenshot
Figure 5: Keep critical projects and programs on track with earned value management (EVM) performance metrics.


Risk Management

Along with core planning and scheduling capabilities, Oracle Primavera Cloud Service provides a centralized risk register for all users. Accessible from anywhere, this register enables early identification of opportunities and threats and democratizes risk as where all parties can easily contribute. Pre-configured risk management dashboards identify exposures, categorize them for impact assessment, and enable swift resolution with targeted mitigation plans.

Risk analysis screenshot
Figure 6: Predictive scheduling and risk management controls to highlight risks early and forecast with confidence.
Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud (CIC) Advisor screenshot
Figure 7: Put all of your planning and execution data to work with the Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor.


Oracle Primavera Cloud Service – Key Capabilities

  • Portfolio management and capital planning
  • What-if scenario planning of schedule, cost, resources, and risks
  • Critical path method (CPM) planning and scheduling with integrated field task management
  • Digital planning and execution scheduling boards
  • Highly configurable tasks to support field planning and execution (task color-coding, hand-off sequences, commitments, constraints, file and photo attachments, and weekly work plans)
  • Mobile progress management
  • An always-on schedule health check assistant
  • Centralized risk register and risk management dashboards
  • Portfolio, program, and project resource and cost histograms
  • Advanced baseline and scenario management
  • Any-point-in-time schedule comparisons
  • Earned value management (EVM)
  • Extend predictive AI/ML insight and reporting when bundled with Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor
  • Supports XER import/export

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