Capital Improvement Program Management for Public Agencies

Connect communities, preserve the environment, promote economic development, and improve your constituents’ quality of life. Oracle’s construction program management solutions help public agencies select the right projects and ensure they’re done right for more predictable outcomes.

Oracle helps public agencies achieve their program goals.

Efficiency, transparency, and predictability

Prioritize projects that matter most

Connect planners, program managers, and financial teams with a central repository to identify, prioritize, and select the projects that align with your agency’s goals and initiatives.

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Adapt to changing requirements

Create and manage scenarios, track funding, and reallocate budgets with the visibility and transparency you need to view performance across the agency’s portfolio.

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Streamline project administration

Reduce the administrative burden on the project team and avoid waste, fraud, and abuse through diligent project administration. Collaborate in a common data environment with workflow automation.

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Manage procurement more effectively

Empower a strategic, value-for-money approach to procurement and cost and contract management that’s asset-lifecycle balanced and eliminates data silos.

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Reduce risk and achieve consistency

Monitor risks, get predictive insights, and compare performance at the portfolio level for better outcomes.

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Put your data to work for you

Predict the probability of project delays with advanced technologies, such as AI, so you can take preventive action and get assets into service on time and on budget.

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Oracle’s Primavera “Unifier provides flexible capabilities for megaproject and diverse infrastructure delivery entities....The benefit is eliminating silos and the inconsistencies we had with manual entry. We’ve increased accuracy and productivity.”

Ian Van Dyk

Chief Digital and Data Officer, Suburban Rail Loop Authority, Victorian Government

Connect communities

People depend on transportation infrastructure for commuting, traveling, transporting goods, and accessing services. Infrastructure programs can promote economic growth, economic development, security, and public safety.

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Preserve the environment

Procure sustainably built, resilient assets, and ensure projects meet sustainability requirements that preserve the planet.

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Upgrade aging utility assets

The public expects clean water, environmentally friendly water treatment, and clean energy. Oracle solutions help agencies plan and manage asset upgrade projects.

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Protect your program data

Many of Oracle’s cloud services have achieved federal and regional cybersecurity certifications, helping ensure that public agencies’ program information is secure.

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Secure data on DOD projects

Defense Department agencies and delivery partners can collaborate, share documents, and manage projects with our Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and Defense Information System Agency Impact Level 4 (DISA IL4) authorized solution.

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Smart Construction Platform

Connect people, processes, technology, and data with an intelligent construction program management solution for predictable program outcomes. Oracle's Smart Construction Platform for project owners connects applications and empowers better decision-making.

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Ashghal transforms Qatar infrastructure by using one single platform for all phases of the project lifecycle
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Lima Airport Partners powers Peru’s largest project collaboration with Oracle Aconex and Primavera Unifier
Los Angeles County Sanitation District reduces running processes to 15 minutes—a time savings of more than 95%
Victoria Big Build gets a boost from Primavera Unifier

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Smarter planning can increase the value of your capital programs

Public agency capital planners regularly have to make difficult choices on which projects to green-light and which ones to defer.

Sustainable infrastructure projects fueled by Oracle innovation

How we build is as important as what we build. Preventing continuous increases in carbon emissions is a good practice, and the construction industry can do its part.

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Primavera Unifier Essentials gets you up and running quickly with more than 55 prebuilt, guided business processes and more than 200 dashboards, layouts, and reports.