SGS delivers trust across industries using Oracle Cloud

SGS, a testing, inspection, and certification company, is reducing consumer risk and improving customer productivity with the help of Oracle CX applications.


In terms of making the project happen and generating the impact, we had the greatest and still have the greatest trust in Oracle.

Christoph HeidlerCIO, Société Générale de Surveillance

Business challenges

Trust has been at the heart of Société Générale de Surveillance’s mission since it began testing grain in Geneva in 1878. Today, with more than 800 testing labs worldwide, the company tests just about everything consumers touch, see, smell, and breathe every day, from soil to air to cosmetics to textiles. SGS analyzes vast amounts of data to deliver tests and certifications that consumers can trust.

But as the company continued to grow, partly through acquisitions, its fragmented customer-facing processes, outdated applications, and lack of an integrated portal were holding it back. SGS wanted to implement a unified suite of modern customer experience applications to help it reach new customers and make it easy for existing ones to access and dig into results.

Why SGS chose Oracle

SGS implemented the Oracle Cloud CX suite of sales, commerce, and marketing applications, valuing its tight integration and determining it to be the best fit with its existing Oracle software stack. SGS also liked that Oracle Cloud CX’s robust sales and service capabilities are built on a single platform, with easy mobile access and native AI. SGS chose Oracle Consulting for its implementation because it had “faith and trust in Oracle’s execution capabilities,” says CIO Christoph Heidler.


Tapping Oracle Cloud CX’s comprehensive set of capabilities for sales planning and execution, customer onboarding, account management, and support, SGS went from having a fragmented view of customers to a much more transparent, 360-degree view.

Previously, for example, there was no way for a customer to hop from a quote request to a review of a recent invoice. The customer had to log into different systems. And SGS couldn’t cross-sell to customers that did business with more than one of its business units because of these disparate systems.

Now, all of that information is consolidated under one portal, making it easy for customers to see their history of inspection reports, test results, and purchase orders, as well as access product information, place orders, schedule jobs, or see when an inspector is due to arrive.

Customers can also log in and apply basic analytics to their test data—for example, investigate how a recent soil result compared with those over the last six months—and understand how it was dependent on the weather and other external factors. Such analyses help to inform customer’s future decisions.

Published:May 20, 2020