Product Tour—Oracle Infinity Behavorial Intelligence

Identify customer behaviors and stream that intelligence into your marketing systems

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Welcome to Oracle Infinity

Gain insights into customer behaviors and use those insights to improve their digital experience.

Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence surfaces opportunities to help you better target, remarket, personalize, and offer recommendations to improve user engagement and marketing outcomes.

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Set up tag for behavior tracking

Create CX tags to get started

Create and administer CX tags to start building your digital strategy. Use tags to unobtrusively collect user behavioral data on your websites or web applications that your customers access.

Develop timely and relevant recommendations based on specific data.

Connect Responsys and Eloqua to Infinity

Enable easy-to-use connections

Easily connect to your Oracle Marketing solutions, such as Oracle Responsys, Oracle Eloqua, or other third-party data stores, through an API. The connections you configure can be used when creating actions that you use to define the type of data you want to deliver from Infinity to the martech system included in your connection.

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Oracle Infinity marketing analytics

View and customize marketing analytics

Begin exploring your data through Infinity’s reporting and analytics tools. Use a set of standard reports or build your own to dig deeper into campaign performance, track the effectiveness of your online content, gain insights about page performance, discover where people are coming to your pages from, and more.

Use Infinity’s analytics capabilities to identify anomalies or trends you should act on.

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Opportunity cards

Use insights and intelligence to find the right opportunities

Get the best outcomes for your campaigns and reach your business goals by using the opportunities insight layer.

Review dynamically surfaced opportunities presented to you as a set of three cards in the areas of retargeting, personalization, and recommendations.

Create rules-based actions

Set actions to match identified opportunities

Create actions to automatically and immediately occur based on specific customer behaviors as they are identified.

For example, you could adjust your campaign to re-engage customers by specifying steps that should occur if you detect a product abandonment spike anomaly.

Customize actions with filters

Customize actions using filters

Apply filters to qualify and customize actions to further target your customer data. For example, you could narrow in on customers who have engaged with a specific campaign, are looking at certain product categories, or whose customer lifetime value is over a certain amount.

Take recommended actions

Determine your right course of action

View results as they occur. As shown here, 18,000 customer engagement triggers were delivered, resulting in a 1.2% lift in revenue.

As relevant data flows through the system, an increase in customer data should lead to detecting even more opportunities for recommended actions.

Boost results with Infinity

Behavioral intelligence generates results

Oracle Infinity helps marketers drive better results by using customer behavioral intelligence to raise opportunities for them to create compelling and effective digital customer experiences.

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