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Personalize campaigns, drive revenue, and improve customer experience

Website testing and optimization tool

Welcome to Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization

Oracle Maxymiser provides advanced website testing, real-time behavioral targeting, in-session personalization, and product recommendations across your website and mobile apps.

Scroll through this tour to learn more about Oracle Maxymiser’s features and capabilities.

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Website and mobile app testing

Website and app testing

Use advanced testing capabilities to determine what works and what doesn’t on your website and computer, tablet, and smartphone apps. Test different experiences for different people to see what generates the most views, click-throughs, and purchases.

Website testing for personalization

Personalize and optimize to meet customer needs

Act on the insights you have obtained by customizing the website or app experience for each audience type. Implement the most successful experiences as determined by testing. Continue using testing insights to build on success and drive ongoing personalization and optimization.

Build testing campaigns

Use elements and variants within Maxymiser’s content designer to build testing or optimization campaigns. Elements identify the area of a web page where content changes are to be made, while variants are the different versions of each element that you will test.

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Maxymiser and A/B testing

A/B or multivariate testing (MVT)

Test different combinations to find the best user experience, from a simple A/B test which directly compares two variants in a campaign to a multivariate test which tests multiple experiences, one for each possible combination of variants and elements.

Maxymiser and multivariant testing

Modify elements and variants to discover what works best

Quickly and easily make relevant campaign changes using our simple drag-and-drop visual editors to adjust elements and variants. More advanced users can work with JSON code directly using Maxymiser’s code editor.

Website recommendations

Recommendation blocks and pop-ups

Insert objects into your testing campaigns to see which offers resonate. Oracle Maxymiser offers product suggestions via a recommendations block. Prevent bounces from your website with light box pop-ups that sit on top of your webpage and capture visitor email addresses through that same pop-up.

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Track success through action tracking

Measure campaign success and determine testing winners by tracking clicks and page views. You can attach a value to a page-view action. When a page-view action is triggered, revenue value tracking lets you visually select and record revenue amounts on the page.

Maxymiser audience targeting

Target an audience based on rules

Set specific and detailed rules for the experience each visitor sees using attributes available within Oracle Maxymiser.

Rules can be set from a list of visitor attributes including device types, locations/geography, visitor type, and more.

Maxymiser overview page

View campaigns and set integrations

View campaigns on Maxymiser’s overview page and track your different experiences. Use this same page to set integrations, bringing data into or out of the tool.

For instance, you could send data into Maxymiser to refine in-session personalization, or out of Maxymiser for use in analysis by another application.

Maxymiser website heatmaps

Heatmaps highlight visitor interest

Better understand user behavior based on page scroll depth and click-through metrics. When integrated with Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, you also have the power of heatmaps within Maxymiser.

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Website testing reporting

Campaign performance and analytics

Find winning campaign experiences faster using Maxymiser’s group sequential analysis within campaign performance reporting. Always see your campaigns’ key metrics and better understand what experience gets you maximum conversion, engagement, and revenue. Further drill into visitor behavior on your site and the segments that you have highlighted using funnel reports.

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