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Manage new subscriptions, renewals, and upgrades by connecting your CRM and back-office and providing a complete view of customers’ purchasing behavior. Built on machine learning (ML), Oracle Subscription Management is the only fully integrated, cloud-based subscription management system for product- and service-based companies that simplifies the management of contracts, billing, and revenue.

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Business model flexibility

Evolve your business with subscription services. Take advantage of an agile solution that simplifies complex processes across multiple systems and touchpoints. Support multipart products and services, quoting and deal management, customer self-service capabilities, and field service access while eliminating complicated administration and manual processes.

Sales, CPQ, service, and ecommerce

Support thousands of engagement points across pricing, delivery, support, and billing models. Provide your sales and customer service teams the tools needed to easily modify, manage, and renew deployment options. Deliver negotiated pricing, usage, or terms with subscription-based quotes and orders.

Field service visibility

Field service teams have real-time visibility into which entitlements—services, rates, and discounts—are covered as part of a subscription package.

Customer self-service

Let customers control their subscription orders and accounts, without the help of a sales rep or customer service agent. Self-service functionality lets customers easily purchase or change subscriptions.

Revenue growth

Grow recurring revenues with new business models, products, and services. Strengthen customer relationships by providing more ways to engage, elevating customer lifetime value.

Renewals and insights

Improve your renewal management by ensuring that renewals are easy and accessible. Minimize customer churn with intelligent insights that help your team identify at-risk customers early to improve renewal rates. Intelligently determine cross- and up-sell opportunities for customers with additional needs so you can continue to expand your relationship and customer lifetime value.

Order-to-revenue process

Improve the speed and accuracy of your customer billing and payments. Connect all of your applications and customer touchpoints across the subscription lifecycle to automate accurate invoicing and billing and improve payment collection and revenue recognition.

Simplified management

Do more with your existing technology ecosystem. Oracle helps you reduce the number of solutions needed to administer new revenue models while automating complex workflows, increasing accuracy and reducing costs.

Dynamic pricing models

Simplify billing by consolidating mixed orders of fixed, one-time, recurring, and consumption or usage-based charges into a single summary invoice. Choose the pricing and billing model that follows your existing revenue recognition rules.

Revenue recognition

Prevent revenue leakage while streamlining your usage calculations and revenue management. Easily add your subscriptions to your existing ERP system while maintaining your revenue recognition rules, all through an API-first approach.

Reporting and compliance

Streamline the reporting process and gain clear picture of account health, subscription usage, and consumption at the same time. Accurately capture all necessary details to support your sales, customer service, field service, and finance teams. Forecast with greater confidence and ensure regulatory compliance.

360-degree account view

Access customer data in one, comprehensive view to better understand user subscription activity across the customer and subscription lifecycles. Prebuilt reports within the 360-degree view dashboard help you evaluate important KPIs.

Business success metrics

Track key performance indicators to identify how subscriptions are impacting the business, including monthly recurring revenue, total contract value, average revenue per user, churn rate, customer lifetime value, and more.

Warranties and coverage services

Improve the management of your no-charge coverage services such as warranties.

Pipeline forecasting

Predefined AI models predict customer churn probabilities using current and historical indicators, so you can better forecast pipeline and identify opportunities that need corrective action.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure your business maintains regulatory compliance by having all the details to help you stay compliant with ASC 606 and IFRS 15.

Take on new revenue streams

Maximize the value of your goods and services as your business builds relationships through recurring revenue. Oracle Subscription Management connects touchpoints across the subscription lifecycle to automate invoicing and billing, improve revenue recognition, and speed the customer payment process.

Explore Oracle’s revenue transformation solutions

See how you can connect business processes to reach your full revenue potential. chooses Oracle to help transform its subscription capabilities

See how is using Oracle Subscription Management to provide an outstanding customer experience to its subscribers.

Key benefits—subscription management

01Better understand and retain customers

Find ways to improve customer retention through your sales, customer service, and ecommerce channels with a unified, 360-degree view of your customers and insights into new and historical deal activity, opportunities, and customer buying habits.

Video: Create lasting customer relationships with Oracle Sales (1:53)

02Administer once, deploy anywhere to lower costs

Integrate subscription pricing across all customer touchpoints. Let your customers self-select and start subscriptions, modify products, and check usage at any point.

Video: Generate ongoing revenue with Oracle Subscription Management (1:30)

03Support new sales and pricing models

Sell complex products and services with any pricing or consumption model to fit your business requirements. Report on recurring and consumption billing and review your current subscriptions and pending contracts so you can drive growth.

Video: Introduction to Oracle Subscription Management (1:30)

04Operate hybrid sales and business models

Run hybrid subscription and one-time sales models on the same platform. Support mixed order fulfillment support for services and physical assets.

Demo: Explore Oracle Sales and Subscription Management solutions (1:41)

05Simplify financial processes around revenue recognition and reporting

Automated revenue recognition, billing, and invoicing to save time and money. Remain compliant by recognizing and reporting recurring revenue within your core ERP/finance systems. Maintain a high standard for customer experience by coordinating warranty and service coverage and properly setting up contract terms.

How CFOs can make subscription management and revenue recognition easier (PDF)


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