Oracle Cloud EPM Virtual Summits

6 October 2020 | Original broadcast

Oracle Cloud EPM Virtual Summits

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If you’re an FP&A professional, now’s the time to learn the bold moves you can use to help your organization recapture growth. Experts from McKinsey & Company, McDonald’s, Accenture, and Oracle share their strategies to turbocharge the FP&A function so you can lead your organization to renewed growth in anticipation of a post-COVID economy.

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Renew growth in unpredictable times (16:44)

Senior leaders, Oracle’s Hari Sankar and Michele Tam of McKinsey & Company discuss the bold moves FP&A organisations can take to tackle uncertainty with resilience.

Fast food for thought (20:09)

With execs from McDonalds and Accenture, Oracle’s Kimberly Ellison-Taylor explores how Cloud EPM is helping the fast food leader execute against its growth strategy, even in an uncertain economy.


Planning for Uncertainty - A Conversation with Wipro

Gaurav Kedia, VP Finance, WIPRO


Planning for Uncertainty - A Conversation with Essential Energy

Paul Sonego, Head of Finance, Essential Energy

Chart a path to growth with Scenario Planning (17:40)

Explore more on how to navigate your business in uncertain times and how Oracle can help.

Learn how Oracle EPM can help you outperform with agility.