Product Tour—Oracle Learning

Oracle Learning

Bring traditional learning together with informal, social tools and techniques to help your teams perform to their fullest potential and quickly respond to changing business needs.

A hyper-personalized learning experience

Empower employees to discover AI-driven development opportunities, visualize all their career growth possibilities, and act on continuously evolving recommendations—all in one place.

Skills-based learning

Empower employees to take control of their development by tagging the learning catalog with skills, allowing for more-relevant learning recommendations. Create learning paths based on Oracle Dynamic Skills’ assessment of current and future skills gaps.

Development journeys

Give employees the tools to create their own goal-based learning playlists with multiple ways to develop, such as coaching, classes, gigs, and more. Encourage SMEs to record and publish bite-sized learning videos that can also be shared in learning communities.

A single learning catalog

Make finding the right course easy with a single location for all content—both internal and external. Each course overview provides insight into the topic, time commitment, and skill development areas it addresses.

Learning built into the talent lifecycle

Drive talent development with technology that helps employees discover different career options and roles and visualize all their career growth possibilities. Completing recommended development journeys allows employees to level up their skills and improve their qualifications for jobs they’re interested in.

Learning reporting and analysis

Gain visibility into learning program completion , effectiveness, engagement, and more. Measure the ROI of your learning programs by reporting on skills developed, goals achieved, and performance.

Automated compliance

Take the hassle out of compliance by providing an easy-to-use interface to manage the learning catalog and assignments. Set up learning assignments based on organizational rules.