Oracle Workforce Scheduling

Oracle Workforce Scheduling skillfully balances business needs, compliance, and the employee experience by connecting data from across the organization in one native cloud scheduling solution designed to meet the needs of every industry.

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Explore Workforce Scheduling

Intelligent scheduling

Optimize schedules using rules based on skills, qualifications, FTE hours, overtime, fatigue levels, and other data.

AI-powered workforce optimization

Reduce labor costs with an AI scheduling assistant that manages compliance, demand, and worker preferences.

Labor forecasting

Manage labor demand from external operational systems, such as electronic health record or point-of-sale solutions.

Workforce scheduling

Provide managers with real-time visibility into labor demand information and variances to help them create optimal schedules.

Recommended workers

Help managers quickly and accurately fill shifts by reviewing the best-fit workers based on their availability and skills.

Open shift notifications

Automatically alert employees when managers post open shift opportunities and potential incentives.

Scheduling preferences and availability

Use worker-provided scheduling preferences and availability when assigning schedules.

Self-scheduling and shift swapping

Let eligible workers determine which shifts they want to work, pick up, release, or swap with a qualified coworker.

One user experience across devices

Improve productivity, communication, and engagement by providing workers with one place to access everything they need to manage their schedules.

Worker sentiment

Reduce burnout and provide a better employee experience by reviewing worker sentiment and having ongoing manager-employee check-ins.

Union rules and regulations

Stay compliant with complex regulations, such as fatigue management, seniority fairness, and schedule predictability requirements.

Certification compliance

Staff the right people with a single cloud solution that keeps information about employee skills, competencies, and certifications up to date.

Comprehensive business data

Balance multiple priorities, such as meeting FTE hours and minimizing overtime, and remain compliant with a single cloud solution that provides full visibility into business data.

Oracle Workforce Scheduling for industries

  • Healthcare

    Deliver high-quality, low-cost care for patients with one cloud native scheduling solution that connects business and electronic health record data.

  • Manufacturing

    Drive operational efficiency to meet evolving customer demand with one cloud native scheduling solution that connects business, workforce, and supply chain data.

  • Retail

    Provide the best customer and retail associate experience with one cloud native scheduling solution that connects business, workforce, and point-of-sale data.

Oracle Workforce Scheduling benefits

  • Let the technology help accurately schedule the right workers

    Meet customer demand with an AI scheduling assistant that takes care of compliance across all industries.

  • Help managers prioritize your customers and your people

    Leverage connected business insights to meet shifting demand, and schedule the right people with a couple clicks.

  • Deliver the experience your employees are looking for

    Let all types of workers choose when and where they want to work in one central place with one user experience across all devices.

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