Primavera Unifier Essentials Cloud Service—Datasheet

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Digitize and automate your capital project planning and execution processes to improve profitability, operational reliability, and risk management.

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Key benefits

  • Fast system startup and time to ROI
  • Provides 50+ proven, best-practice processes and workflows
  • Built and hosted on secure Oracle infrastructure
  • Scalable to grow with your needs
  • Price point to support fast budget approval
  • Single system to centralize data and replace point solutions
  • Powerful capital planning, cash flow and schedule tracking
  • Customized set up to meet the specifics of your business
  • Configured dashboards and reporting
  • Robust document management
  • Visibility and assurance at project and portfolio levels

Key features

  • Project schedule milestone tracking
  • Vendor management
  • Funding and budget management
  • Cost and forecast management
  • Cash flow curve generation for projects, contracts, line items
  • Contract management
  • Procurement management

Oracle’s Primavera Unifier Essentials digitizes and automates your capital asset planning and execution processes to improve profitability, operational reliability, and risk management. With one easy-to-use and fast-to-deploy project controls solution, you can manage project selection, cost, contract and information management, review cycles, and schedule.

The solution is powered by proven Primavera Unifier business processes, which for years have improved capital project outcomes for leading organizations around the world. Primavera Unifier Essentials provides a core set of more than 50 processes that reflect industry best practices, validated by more than 20 years of Primavera Unifier implementations for hundreds of owners. Take a tour of Unifier Essentials to learn more.

Primavera Unifier Essentials brings data together in a single solution to help you select and prioritize the right projects, maintain visibility into schedules, control costs, facilitate collaboration, and make informed decisions on projects across your asset portfolio.

The cloud solution helps ensure you are making the most of your capital, from selection and construction through operations and renovation. Use dozens of proven configurations, personalized for your organization, to get up and running within just a few weeks. Mitigate risk through improved data access and visibility across your projects. Improve communication and collaboration by bringing the project team together on a single solution. Provide management with clear, comprehensive project- and program-level graphical reporting.

Get up and running on Primavera Unifier Essentials within a few weeks. Watch how improved capital planning, cost management, and project delivery impact your bottom line.

Primavera Unifier Essentials: Powerful, accessible, and scalable capital planning and project controls software.

Portfolio management

Making the right project selection decisions is key to ensuring the best use of your capital. Use historical data and robust analytics to confidently prioritize and plan your projects. Ensure you are bringing together information from all stakeholders in a timely manner to support the decision-making process, and record that process to inform future decisions. Tie your capital plan to your funding sources and strategic plan to improve feasibility and performance.

Funding and budget management

Accurately plan and allocate funding/budget across all of your projects. Primavera Unifier Essentials brings proven automation around cost processes, including estimates, budget management, commitments, spends, variances, forecasts, and more. Constantly changing information is managed through the Primavera Unifier workflow engine, where budget changes, contract changes, and risks are all tracked to ensure decisions are made based on current data.

Manage costs from simple to complex, including cash flow, and fund analyses to provide visibility, control, and foresight.

All costs roll up to a central cost sheet supported by a robust cost code structure, where project cost information is available for drilldown by work package, for the entire project or across your asset portfolio.

Primavera Unifier Essentials Cash Flow screenshot
Figure 1 - Primavera Unifier Essentials includes at a glance charts to track forecasts to actuals at project and portfolio levels.


Contracts and procurement

Streamline and automate bid, contract, and change management processes. Manage master service agreements (MSA) and work releases, route and track change orders, issue purchase orders, and manage invoices.

Document management

Primavera Unifier Essentials includes a robust Document Manager module. From high level basis-of-design documents to detailed specifications, all documentation uses tight permission controls to manage internal and external access. Features include document check-in and check-out, version control, and full text search for all Microsoft Office documents.


Project management

Drive oversight, standardization, and control with a comprehensive view across project business processes, communication, documentation, and contract management. With Primavera Unifier Essentials, everything about your projects is stored in a single, secure system, enabling visibility into any potential issues via dashboards and reports before delays occur. The cloud-based architecture allows internal and external users to access and act on the relevant information promptly and collaboratively.

Manage project workflows, communication, and administration. Run design reviews and route RFIs and submittals. Create daily reports and transmittals. Leverage Bluebeam integration for real-time drawing collaboration.

Easily manage complex cost breakdown structures and business rules. Collaborate and capture documentation and decisions using configurable business workflows in a central system.


Manage your punch lists and ensure sign off and complete compilation of documentation and data for closeout. Enable efficient project handover of a full project record. Ensure you have complete information in an accessible format to optimally maintain your built assets.

Dashboards and reports

Count on more than 200 prebuilt reports, layouts and dashboards to be used as is or configured to meet the needs of any organization. Executive reports leverage Oracle Analytics Publisher used by leading ERP systems. Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards let you easily visualize, analyze, and share key data on cash flow at the project and portfolio level; detailed cost, schedule, scope and risk updates; and summary-level reporting by project, highlighting outstanding items, priorities, and risks. Reports and dashboards can be easily personalized for your organization during system setup.

Primavera Unifier Facilities Project Summary screenshot
Figure 2 - Primavera Unifier Essentials provides easy project level snap shots to easily track progress and assess health.


Get up and running quickly with more than 50 preconfigured best-practice business processes, allowing you to easily fast track improvements throughout capital asset planning and delivery. As your organizational needs change and grow, you can continue to use Primavera Unifier Essentials or build on your strong foundation to meet your potential future needs. Add functionality as you need it to unleash the power of the world’s most flexible capital management and portfolio planning tool, Primavera Unifier.

Ready to take control of cost overruns and effectively manage risk?