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Scottish Water taps Oracle Cloud for key systems

The state-owned water utility shortens its financial close, boosts customer satisfaction, and lowers total cost of IT ownership with the help of Oracle ERP Cloud.

INDUSTRY: Utilities
LOCATION: Scotland

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About the customer

Earning the public trust

More than 2.5 million households and businesses count on Scottish Water to supply Scotland’s most precious natural resource, from source to tap, while caring for the environment.

With Oracle ERP Cloud, Scottish Water has experienced 40% faster book closings and 21% higher customer satisfaction levels.

We want to be Scotland’s most trusted business. Reputation is key to us.
Brian Strathie, Financial Controller, Scottish Water

Customer Story

Focus on efficiency

Given its limited funding sources, Scottish Water must improve efficiencies to make cash available for new services.

But with an outdated, overly complex ERP system, the organization found it a challenge to efficiently provide financial information. For one thing, its heavily manual processes resulted in a lack of confidence in data, making it hard to drive productivity and service improvements.

Scottish Water conducted an end-to-end review of operations to cut costs and fundamentally rethink the business. That review led the utility to choose Oracle ERP Cloud to run its critical back-office functions.

By insisting on zero customization of its Oracle Cloud applications, Scottish Water ensures that regular updates are simple and that its processes are integrated and scalable. As a result, the utility has shortened its order lead times significantly, reduced customer complaints, and boosted overall customer satisfaction levels.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud ERP

Oracle ERP Cloud has helped Scottish Water realize 12% more accurate project tracking and a 15% lower cost of IT ownership.

We will use Oracle ERP Cloud to look at our process end to end and find low-hanging fruit to reduce costs and improve. This is a potential big win for us.

Brian Strathie, Financial Controller, Scottish Water