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Konto Oracle

Oracle Sales Automation

Oracle Sales Automation provides sellers with clean and complete customer data, recommendations to guide their actions, data-driven quotas and territories, and easy-to-use account management features that help sellers sell more. This comprehensive set of tools, with advanced capabilities, machine learning, and AI-driven automation, reduces complexity and increases the amount of time spent selling.

Oracle Sales Automation product tour
Explore the product's features and capabilities
Essential strategies for digital sales teams (PDF) Essential strategies for digital sales teams (PDF)

See how you can prepare your sales teams to better serve and support today’s digitally savvy customers.

Explore Oracle Sales Automation

AI-driven sales automation and productivity

Close more deals faster with Oracle’s CRM. Increase sales productivity and improve every interaction with AI-driven sales force automation. Have your sellers spend less time managing and updating their CRM and more time engaging with prospective customers.

Guided selling

Increase your sellers’ speed and efficiency with embedded AI guidance. Remove the guesswork (PDF) and inefficiencies from the selling process through strategic recommendations that chart the next-best action for each account.

Complete customer understanding

Use clean, complete customer data (PDF) to gain a deeper understanding of your prospective customers across all interactions. Eliminate the time spent hunting for information and provide sales teams direct access to critical customer insights. Easily enhance those insights with AI-fueled first- and third-party data to better engage with your prospects.

User experience

Make your sales teams more productive using an intuitive interface designed to help them complete tasks in fewer clicks. Support the ways your people choose to work with prebuilt integrations that use the most common email and collaboration tools. Automate CRM updates so your sellers can focus on selling, not data entry.

Mobile digital assistant

Use your voice to be fully productive in the times and places you prefer. With a conversational UI that understands the way you naturally speak and text, you can talk to your CRM to easily complete tasks and get work done quickly and efficiently.

Sales quota, territory, and forecasting insights

Build more accurate forecasts, plan smarter, and perform better within your CRM with sales planning and performance management tools built on a foundation of connected data and powered by advanced AI.

Sales planning

Optimize market coverage and intelligently set territories and quotas with AI-driven predictive planning. Fine-tune your sales plans and models with multidimensional and drillable what-if scenarios.

Quota management

Calculate sales quotas using data and intelligence—not intuition—to improve pipeline results. Understand all options and be prepared for change, using best-case, worst-case, and conservative what-if scenario modeling.

Territory management

Improve your territory planning and balance your sales regions. Use AI-enabled lead scoring to create and modify even the most complex sales territories to match your current business needs.

Incentive compensation

Understand and improve your team’s driving motivations with what-if modeling of different scenarios to optimize your compensation plan.


Improve the speed and accuracy of your forecasts with connected and complete data from orders, invoices, and sales pipeline sources.

Complete and accurate customer data records

Set your sellers up for success with a customer data management solution they can trust. Create a single view of your customer enhanced by first-, second-, and third-party data sources all verified for accuracy.

Better quality data

Gain better customer insights (PDF) with cleaner CRM data and share those insights across your entire business in a common, trustworthy record.

Data enrichment

Personalize every customer interaction with real-time account signals and AI-sourced second- and third-party data to fill the gaps so you can fully understand your customers (PDF).

Data-powered business

Leverage uniform customer data across the entire customer lifecycle to increase revenue and improve operational efficiencies. Use the cleanest and most complete data across sales, customer service, and marketing.

DataFox data management

Personalize marketing programs and sales interactions through enriched account profiles using AI-sourced firmographic data.


Enrich customer records (PDF) with more than 70 firmographic data points and 68 types of real-time signals. Profile and classify your customer base, improve campaigns with niche segmentation, and enhance efficiency with rich data infused into workflows.


Find new companies that fit your unique criteria by applying more than 70 filters to the Oracle DataFox Data Management database of millions of companies. Expand your total addressable market and increase revenue by leveraging a larger prospect base.

Prioritize and score

Prioritize your universe of target companies with a lead scoring model that provides a consistent method for ranking prospect companies. Create a faster path to revenue by focusing on organizations with the highest potential first.


Engage in more productive conversations with prospects. Monitor news on prospects and identify when they hit key company milestones with real-time signal data.

Leader for Sales Force Automation We’re a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation

See how Oracle provides a unified experience for sellers to create a more productive and efficient workforce.

Oracle Sales Automation customer successes

View more customer successes

Learn how leading companies around the world use Oracle Sales Automation to close more deals, improve productivity, and improve every customer interaction.

Key benefits—Sales automation

01Understand your customers and prospects on a deeper level

Get a complete view of past and present customers by natively connecting CRM and back-office data so you can react to buyer signals quickly and intelligently.

How to provide sellers the tools to interpret buyer signals

Learn how to do digital sales right (PDF)

02Improve the efficiency of your sellers

Use guided-selling tools, smart lists, adaptive search, configurable dashboards, and intelligent recommendations on the devices your sellers choose.

Fall in love with your—more efficient—CRM again

See the powerful productivity tools in Oracle Sales Automation

03Enable more relevant sales conversations

Drive better sales outcomes through integrated sales and marketing, guiding sellers to the right customer targets, campaign priorities, and outreach activities.

How a unified customer engagement platform delivers better sales outcomes

Guide and personalize the entire sales experience from lead to sale (PDF)

March 2, 2022

How sales force automation creates a better customer experience than traditional CRM

Liz Alton, B2B Technology Writer and Strategist

Sales leaders today are asking an important question: What technology is more effective for empowering sales teams—sales force automation (SFA) or customer relationship management (CRM)?

Many are surprised to learn that sales force automation and CRMs are deeply related. In fact, SFA brings the best of modern intelligence technology to build on CRMs.

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