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Rapidly deliver automated and accurate digital service experiences

Predict customer service needs and deliver automated, tailored service anytime, anywhere to elevate your customer experience to the next level. Connect our industry-leading digital service automation tools and seamlessly route requests between a bot and human agent quickly, providing the right answers and personalized service. Deploy faster using new native integrations across marketing and sales, as well as back-office applications, such as billing, inventory, and shipping. Solve complex customer issues using our AI-powered digital assistant and offer intelligent advice and tailored knowledge with quick access to the right answers in the moment of need.

Deploy service capabilities quickly with new integrations

Configure, deploy, and integrate Oracle Digital Assistant quickly, easily, and seamlessly to access existing Oracle Knowledge Management articles and Oracle Intelligent Advisor advice—with no additional coding. Deploy digital service automation in a matter of weeks leveraging new integration enhancements to Digital Assistant, Knowledge Management, and Intelligent Advisor that make them easier to implement for a faster time to value.

With our prebuilt integrations, you can:

  • Decrease time to market and adapt to rapidly changing customer needs and expectations
  • Lower your total cost of ownership by leveraging AI-powered digital agents to provide quick access to the right answers and handle routine inquiries—freeing service agents to focus on more complex issues
  • Create seamless customer experiences by delivering personalized conversational service engagements through Oracle Digital Assistant, no matter which digital service solution resolved the issue or question
Deploy service capabilities quickly with new integrations

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Automate complex case resolutions

Oracle Digital Assistant connects skills from across your organization to resolve complex issues using chatbots that are focused on a range of tasks across CX, HR, finance, inventory, and supply chain. Use Oracle Digital Assistant to automatically route requests to the correct bot and provide a seamless and connected flow for the customer. Regardless of the application from which the answer is sourced, customers can use one digital assistant to track inventory, submit time cards, create expense reports, and more.

  • Deliver unified customer experiences across the CRM and back-office applications with one digital assistant covering multiple applications on a single platform. Oracle Digital Assistant provides answers and executes transactions from multiple systems, just as a highly skilled human offers expert advice on multiple topics.
  • Allow customers to engage with your brand in one conversational flow, at any point in their journey.
  • Reduce frustration by quickly and easily determining the customer’s intent through natural conversational phrasing and respond appropriately with information or results sourced from both front- and back-office applications.
Automate complex case resolutions

Learn more about Oracle B2B Service.

Deliver seamless experiences across service channels

Automatically guide customers from a digital assistant to a live agent—when necessary—to ensure the customer’s experiences are seamless and consistent. Oracle Digital Assistant automatically transfers escalated requests to live agents for faster case resolution. No information is lost in the transition because all interactions show within the conversation history in Oracle Digital Assistant. With Oracle Digital Assistant, your live agent can instantly access all the information and account history on your customer, in one place.

  • Save time and reduce service costs on routine requests. Your chatbot automatically asks probing questions to identify how and under what condition to resolve the question, quickly resolving common inquiries such as order status, pricing, or returns.
  • Reduce the need for your customers to repeat relevant information every time they switch channels. Oracle Digital Assistant ensures a seamless handoff to live agents by providing the complete conversation history.
  • Drive speedy resolutions and boost customer satisfaction levels, 24/7. Oracle Digital Assistant is always on and always available.
Deliver seamless experiences across service channels

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Oracle Service Innovations (13:05)

Learn how the new B2B Service experience revolutionizes customer service with intelligent, automated solutions for agents and customers.

Advertising and CX Innovations (24:32)

Watch as Oracle EVP Rob Tarkoff announces the newest innovations for Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX).

The Future of CX with Larry Ellison (2:30)

Learn how Oracle helps CX leaders see data in new ways to deliver experiences that exceed changing customer expectations.

Quarterly innovation update

Explore the latest Oracle Advertising and CX innovations for service, sales, and marketing.

Watch next-generation service in action

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