Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph

Rich spatial and graph analytics for Hadoop. Discover relationships and connections among customers, organizations, and assets and enrich your big data with location. Handle the most challenging graph, spatial, and raster processing workloads on Apache Hadoop.

Big Data Spatial and Graph features

Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph brings powerful spatial and graph analytics services and data models to big data workloads on Apache Hadoop.

  • Manage and analyze massive graphs of connected data
  • Discover communities and influencers in a social network
  • Generate recommendations based on interests, profiles and past behaviors

  • Uncover location relationships and patterns in big data to better understand customers, retail performance, insurance risk
  • Enrich social media with location tags
  • Visualize data on rich maps
  • Process large volumes of raster imagery and sensor data quickly and efficiently

  • Handle the most demanding graph and spatial workloads
  • Reduce the complexity of deploying spatial and graph services on Hadoop
  • Convert raw data into intelligent, actionable information
  • Gain deeper insights from your big data with commercial-grade spatial and graph algorithms

There are multiple deployment options for Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph. Leverage your existing Hadoop cluster on commodity hardware or purchase an Oracle Engineered System.

Deploy on Commodity Hardware

  • Install into your existing Hadoop cluster
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and technology standards
  • Bring the analytics to the data—not the other way around

Deploy on Oracle Engineered Systems

Get the most from your data, developers, and data scientists using big data spatial analysis on Hadoop.

May 20, 2022

Upgrading to Oracle Spatial Studio 22.1

Daniel Cuadra, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

Oracle Spatial Studio is a self-service web tool for accessing the spatial features of Oracle Database. The release of Spatial Studio 22.1 introduces many valuable enhancements. This article explains the process of upgrading an existing deployment to version 22.1...

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