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Oracle Database Customers

Life-Changing Results with Faster Analytics
Life-Changing Results with Faster Analytics

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud


“Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud will allow Hertz to reduce costs and reinvest savings into improving our customer service and rewarding our customers.”

—Benjamin Arnulf, Director, BI & Analytics, Hertz

Hertz Reduces Costs and Rewards Customers with Oracle

“When you’re dealing with human lives, time is everything. Having Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud automatically tune and manage itself with no downtime means faster response times and quicker decisions—that's critical for us and our patients.”

—Michael Morales, CEO, QMP Health

Oracle Helps QMP Health Make Faster Decisions and Improve Response Times

“Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud will help us roll out a data management platform that our data analysts and data scientists can build themselves and use themselves, without involving any of our IT resources.”

—Jerry Gearding, CTO, DX Marketing

Oracle Helps DX Marketing Save Resources

“We’ve found that Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is very easy to use, very easy to load data, and the performance has been amazing.”

—Miles Oustad, Data Integration Team Manager, Minnesota State

Minnesota State Gains Ease of Use and Higher Performance

“Consistency of performance is of utmost importance to our business users. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud can help us eliminate self-inflicted human error impacting query performance.”

—Michelle Ferrara, IT Director, Exelon

Exelon Achieves Consistent Performance with Oracle

“Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud the perfect solution for Solutions AG. It requires no administration resources, it delivers great performance, its flexibility means it can scale as our company grows, and it’s fully in the cloud.”

—Christian Maar, CEO,

11880 Finds the Perfect Solution with Oracle

“Technologies like Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud dramatically simplify the lives of system administrators, making science fiction a reality.”

—Alexander Khokhlov, Head of IT Division, VTB

Oracle Helps VTB Simplify System Administration

“We are at the dawn of the intelligent, autonomous age and having a self-driving database is a natural progression. Freeing DBAs from the basic operational nuances of running a database is of tremendous value. I feel that autonomous databases will become ubiquitous in the future.”

—Clark A. Kho , Senior Technology Architect, Accenture

Accenture Sees Autonomous Databases as Great Value

“Autonomous database technologies will not only allow reduction of operational costs but it will enable us to dig deeper to provide more accurate insights and ultimately propel our customers’ success.”

—Al Cordoba, COO, Qualex

QLX Improves Customer Success with Autonomous Database

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