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The Future of Employee Experience Is Oracle ME

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 | Original broadcast

Oracle ME: Understanding the needs, aspirations, and the “me” behind every worker

Oracle unveiled the latest product innovation, Oracle ME, part of Oracle Cloud HCM. Oracle ME is the only complete employee experience platform that gives business leaders the power to orchestrate tailored experiences from a comprehensive understanding of each employee—personally and professionally—to meet individuals where they are and take them where they want to be.

Eric Cohen, Senior Director, Human Resources and Payroll Technology, Hilton
Michael Oldham, Senior Director of HR Operations, Global People, McDonald’s Corporation
Chris Leone, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud HCM
Nancy Estell Zoder, Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM

Watch highlights from the Oracle Live keynote

Oracle Live in 5

Oracle Live in 5: The Future of Employee Experience Is Oracle ME (4:21)

Watch the top moments from Oracle Live.

McDonald’s supports their employee experience with Oracle Cloud HCM (4:29)

What does it take to be voted as one of the best places to work, year after year? Hear from McDonald’s as they discuss their approaches to employee experience and how they create an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

Deliver an employee experience that ignites potential

Hilton and McDonald’s share how they approach employee experience (9:45)

Keeping employee experience personal and purposeful is top of mind for these global brands.

See Oracle ME in action

Demo: Oracle ME, the latest innovation in Oracle Cloud HCM (12:25)

Chris Leone demos Oracle ME, the only complete employee experience platform that empowers talent to connect, grow, and thrive.

Is your employee experience keeping up? Join us for a live conversation on what matters to employees.

May 19 at 12 noon ET / 6:00 p.m. CEST

Learn how Oracle ME can bring value to your organization.

“Foundationally, a great experience starts with what’s near and dear to people. It is non-negotiable to understand your employees. And this is where I think the importance of data and analytics has been heightened over the last two years—by showing the empathy, caring, and understanding of the needs and desires of those employees.”

Mike Oldham Senior Director of HR Operations, Global People, McDonald’s Corporation

“Oracle Cloud HCM has really allowed Fujitsu to transform the employee experience and give people a technology-driven ability to access information and data.”

Sarah Wadsworth Head of HR, Fujitsu UK

“MCM employees now can self-manage anywhere, anytime from any device. With the help of Oracle Cloud HCM, we can see talent develop and trace staff progress in a fast, automated way.”

Nizet Flores Human Capital Manager, MCM Telecom