How HR Can Lead Change in the New Workplace

October 7, 2020 | Original broadcast date

How HR Can Lead Change in the New Workplace

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As businesses navigate the current economic reality, change comes fast and furious—from shifting organizational structures, to new workforce dynamics, employee demands, and resource restraints. It’s been said that HR is to this current crisis what Finance was to the Great Recession, as they must lead their organizations through this change. With so much pressure on HR, it’s important to have the right strategy in place so that you can continue to rise to the occasion and deliver what your employees and leadership expect.

Opening Remarks (3:47)

With so much pressure on businesses—especially now—it’s important to have the right strategy to rise to the occasion. Learn how HR can deliver what employees and leaders expect.

Pete Jaradeh, Global HCM Marketing, Oracle

Acquiring the Right Talent—Inside and Outside Your Organization (16:46)

Discover how organizations are leveraging next-generation tools to maximize the impact of your current talent, attract new talent and provide exceptional candidate experiences.

Brett Tearney, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle

The New Reskilling and Upskilling Imperative (19:56)

Identify workforce skills needing development to address the current climate and equip employees with the new skills needed for a post-pandemic world.

Kautul Mehta, Senior Director, HCM Product Strategy, Oracle

Supporting Your Workforce with Exceptional HR Service Delivery (17:41)

Serving your blended or 100% remote workforce is a challenge. See how some organizations use technologies like smart HR Help Desks and always-on Digital Assistants to support employees anywhere.

Nancy Zoder, Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle

Leveraging Your HCM Customer Community (14:05)

Explore how the HCM Cloud Customer Connect community can be a critical place to foster collaboration and help each other navigate the constant shifts impacting our businesses and HR.

Heather Hagedorn, Senior Manager, HCM Product Strategy, Oracle

Maximize the value of Oracle Cloud HCM

As the world continues to evolve, organizations require solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve and prepare for what’s next.