Oracle Banking Trade Finance

Oracle Banking Trade Finance is a market-leading software solution recognized as the best in class by leading industry analysts. It unifies trade finance operations by providing automated workflows and real-time reporting to support the most complex structures across multiple geographies.

Oracle is recognized as a best-in-class trade finance software vendor in the Aite-Novarica Trade Finance Software Matrix.

Improve efficiency through smarter digital trade finance.

Explore the features of Oracle Banking Trade Finance

Oracle Banking Trade Finance enables banks to build resilience, gain business agility, improve operational efficiency, and continuously deliver exceptional user experiences.

Comprehensive capabilities

Oracle Banking Trade Finance offers front-to-back-office centralized processing capabilities for a diverse range of trade finance instruments in documentary credits, guarantees, and documentary collections products.

Modular architecture

The platform is built on a highly adaptable and microservices architecture with leading-edge industry standards, which can be continually upgraded and scaled. According to leading analyst firm Aite, this is one of Oracle's major competitive advantages.

Out-of-the-box best practices

Gain out-of-the-box best practices for trade finance operations.

Complete 360-degree view

Get single-screen access to a 360-degree view of trade transactions, including documentary credits, documentary collections, guarantees, standby letters of credit, limits, and more.

Host agnostic

The cloud solution works with any trade finance back-office application.

Omnichannel support

Oracle Banking Trade Finance enables seamless transitions from one channel to another, from self-service to assisted service, and a customizable user experience.

Seamless integrations

Integrations with external vendors help support customer identification and AML and KYC checks through open APIs. Achieve faster credit decisions and parallel processing through enterprise and third-party resource planning system integrations.

Form-factor agnostic

The solution’s intuitive UI/UX is designed to work on any form factor.

Application status visibility

Gain visibility into the real-time status of applications.

Complete relationship views

Benefit from 360-degree views of customer relationships.

Enhanced process management

Improve SLA tracking and get clear visibility into tasks, time spent, and bottlenecks with real-time alerts and notifications.

Stage-to-screen mapping

A configurable UI enables stage-to-screen mapping.

Total visibility

Role-specific dashboards offer end-to-end visibility for seamless customer engagement.

Actionable insights

The ability to drill down into multiple levels of data offers insight into customer and trade product key performance indicators.

Data that counts

Widgets provide operational and analytical data that addresses the needs of sales, operations, risk, and legal teams.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows with straight-through processing and computer-aided tasks for all trade finance instruments eliminate redundant manual processes and reduce operational costs.

Centralized operations

Centralized operations enable the reuse of customer data and application services across trade finance products. This includes trade and import licenses as well as customer preferences such as currency, branch, and tenor. Reuse of such details ensure a faster turnaround time.

Centralized information

The constant updating, maintenance, and reuse of standard information such as clauses, goods, Incoterms, free-form texts, taxes applicable, and branch parameters enables the use of prefilled templates for faster processing.

Islamic trade finance

Oracle Banking Trade Finance offers comprehensive support for the Islamic trade finance ecosystem, including Islamic letters of credit (including Islamic guarantees and Islamic standby letters of credit) and Islamic bills and collections.

Why choose Oracle Banking Trade Finance

Oracle Banking Trade Finance is a comprehensive solution for managing trade finance operations in a unified manner, enabling banks to improve operational efficiency and visibility and streamline and automate trade finance operations. Oracle Banking Trade Finance Process Management Cloud Service enables banks to streamline their trade finance operations across geographies and currencies.

01Better customer experience

An intuitive UI coupled with omnichannel operations helps ensure a better customer experience, speeding up both fulfillment and communication.

02A single, unified, best-in-class trade finance operations solution

Oracle brings together functions spanning trade finance on a single, scalable, secure platform in the cloud that is deemed best in class by analyst Aite.

03Faster turnaround

Oracle’s solution ensures faster turnaround times by automating processes and reusing standard and customer information.

04Enterprise-grade scalability, resilience, and security

The solution helps banks achieve unprecedented scalability and performance while reducing risk, complexity, and TCO.

05Ready-made integration adapters

The standalone product is flexible and easily integrates with any application through REST APIs, resulting in rapid integration and ease of data consumption.

06Robust risk management and compliance

The solution enables the decision-making process, taking exceptions into account. Integration with external systems helps ensure up-to-date regulatory compliance and complete visibility.

07Cost reduction

Operational costs are reduced by straight-through and paperless processing.

08Real-time information

Visibility into the real-time status of processes provides actionable insights that can be used to make real-time decisions.

Read the Trade Finance Process Management Cloud datasheet (PDF)

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End-to-end lifecycle processing of trade finance transactions

Oracle Banking Trade Finance automates the lifecycle processing of trade finance transactions. It helps banks increase customer satisfaction and retention and provides flexibility when adapting to the complex rules that govern international trade.

Read the Banking Trade Finance datasheet (PDF)

Enable smarter trade finance operations

The automation and digitalization of the trade finance ecosystem is critical—now more than ever. Oracle Banking Trade Finance Process Management addresses this need by providing a digital-first path that simplifies the complex, fragmented manual processes in traditional trade finance.

Read the Trade Finance Process Management datasheet (PDF)

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