Simphony Essentials Point of Sale

Training for Bars and Pubs

Simphony Essentials has been built from the ground up to be easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to manage for bars and pubs. On this page you’ll find a collection of videos that showcases the Essentials experience for each critical role on your team. If you’d rather speak with a Simphony Essentials product expert, request a personalized tour today.

Take the Simphony Essentials Tour

When tuned for bars and pubs, Simphony Essentials provides fast service in a busy bar environment. The focus is to ensure bartenders and servers can identify menu items quickly and focus on customer service. To learn more about Simphony Essentials for bars and pubs, begin by watching the tour.

Training curriculums

Using the tabs below, select the curriculum that matches your role. Please share this page with your teammates and ask them to view the curriculum that is right for their role. It is recommended that managers watch the Server Series curriculum as well.

Log in

Learn how to log in to the workstation. (1:09)

Assign and unassign cash drawers

Learn how to assign and unassign a cash drawer to employees. (1:24)

Pick up a guest check

Learn how to pick up a guest check that is already open. (1:36)

Condiment orderer

Learn how to use the condiment orderer to customize a customer’s order. (1:29)

Change a guest check name

Learn how to change a guest’s check name. (0:55)

Reorder items

Learn how to reorder items. (1:12)

Split a guest check

Learn how to split a check into multiple checks. (1:43)

Barcode entry

Learn how to manually enter a barcode to add an item to a guest check. (1:26)

Void item

Learn how to void an item from a guest check. (1:20)

Transaction return

Learn how to return an entire transaction. (1:16)

Cancel transaction

Learn how to cancel a transaction. (1:00)

Auto block-transfer guest checks

Learn how to transfer a block of checks from one employee to another. (0:57)

Adjust closed guest check

Learn how to look up and adjust a closed guest check. (1:11)

Look up and reprint a closed guest check

Learn how to look up and reprint a closed check. (0:48)

Reprint last closed guest check

Learn how to reprint the last check that was closed. (0:50)

Update your database

Learn how to update your workstation’s database. (0:43)

Reload your database

Learn how to reload your workstation’s database. (0:47)

Redirect your order device

Learn how to redirect an order device to another device. (0:52)

Edit training status

Learn how to place an employee into training mode. (1:06)

Edit menu item price

Learn how to edit a menu item price from the workstation. (1:02)

Edit menu item availability

Learn how to edit the availability of menu items. (1:26)

Edit guest check header and trailer

Learn how to edit a guest check header or trailer from the workstation. (1:26)

Edit customer receipt header

Learn how to edit a customer receipt header directly from the workstation. (1:22)

Copy menu item

Learn how to copy a menu item from the workstation. (1:24)

Assign or edit employee ID

Learn how to edit an employee ID directly from the workstation. (0:56)

Edit barcode

Learn how to edit a barcode from the workstation. (1:04)

Close application

Learn how to close the Essentials application. (1:07)

Change an SLU name

Learn how to change the name of an SLU in Enterprise Management Console. (3:34)

Change style of service

Learn how to change the style of service on a workstation. (2:51)

Change tender priority and quick keys

Learn how to adjust tender button priorities and quick keys placement. (3:12)

Enable editing of configuration on the workstation

Learn how to enable the ability to edit configuration from the workstation. (3:34)

Property Management Console

Learn how to use the Property Management Console. (10:41)

Explore More Simphony Essentials Training

Quick Service Restaurants

Quick service restaurants

When tuned for quick service restaurants (QSRs), Simphony Essentials is optimized to allow rapid order intake with quick menu item identification. This allows customers to get their order quickly and the restaurant to cater to more customers faster.

Bars and Pubs

Table service restaurants

When tuned for table service restaurants (TSRs), Simphony Essentials provides speed of service for dine-in customers while also helping improve efficiency and customer engagement.

Online Documentation

Online documentation

Visit our Help Center to read Simphony Essentials documentation on POS functions, managers’ procedures, gestures, payments, reports, and more.

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help.

If you’re interested in engaging with product experts as well as other customers, visit the Oracle Food and Beverage Community. If you need more help, My Oracle Support is also available, allowing you to search our knowledge base, submit support tickets, or get live help.