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Oracle Fintech Innovation

Oracle is powering innovation with industry-leading platforms built on modern, open, and intelligent technology and working with the fintech startup community to build innovative products.

FinTech Marketplace and Startup Connect

Oracle Fintech Innovation

Oracle Cloud, combined with Oracle Banking Open APIs, provides an ecosystem and platform to help drive innovation, deploying open banking principles and regulation.

Banks can deploy the industry’s most comprehensive set of APIs that cover all areas across the banking lifecycle.

Oracle fintech Innovation combines our financial services industry and technology expertise with the growing network of curated fintechs. These fintechs have joined Oracle for Start-ups or the Oracle Partner Network to help accelerate their growth and leverage our world-class platforms and ecosystems.

Benefits for Financial Institutions


Oracle Curation helps reduce risk and accelerate time to market

Take advantage of the growing network of fintechs available on Oracle Cloud that can help financial institutions to deliver new capabilities rapidly. Oracle curates the best enterprise-grade fintechs that can help financial institutions achieve their digital innovation goals faster by focusing on the solution and spending less time searching.


Pay Less for More Cloud Performance

Oracle Cloud has been proven to deliver the highest performance at price points and end to end SLAs that cannot be matched in the industry ,enabling financial institutions to do more with less.


Achieve Faster Regulatory Compliance with Enterprise Cloud Security

Achieve regulatory compliance faster with fintechs fully integrated on Oracle secure and scalable cloud, fully compliant with industry-leading regulations, designed to combat cybersecurity threats , and enabled by unmatched governance and security controls.


Integrated to Oracle Open Banking APIs

Select fintechs integrated with Oracle Banking APIs, a catalogue of 1500+ Open APIs across payments, retail, and corporate banking domains. These APIs are preintegrated with Oracle solutions for core banking, payments, identity, security, and API monetization, giving banks ready capability to deploy fintech Innovation quickly and comply with open banking standards.

Sharing from Oracle Ecosystem Partners

Personetics logo

Cloud-Based Proactive and Personalized Engagement Platform

The primary benefits we see with Oracle Cloud are one, a robust and growing partner ecosystem, two, security first and a services-based architecture with an emphasis on core-to-edge security and three, commitment to open cloud.
Jody Bhagat, President, Americas region
IPSoft logo

Conversational AI Platform

Enterprise customers can now benefit from the synergies of bringing together Oracle as a trusted advisor for database technologies, business applications and, infrastructure integrated with IPSoft’s industry leading conversational AI platform.
James Purchase, Director Sales Engineering
Qalize logo

True Mobile Financial Suite

It’s [Oracle Banking APIs] so straightforward and simple yet advanced, we were able to integrate in less than 24 hours and that gave us exactly the customer experience we’ve been looking for!
Victor Donov, Founder and CEO
Raisin logo

Pan-European Deposit Marketplace

Previously we had to customize each solution for each individual bank. Oracle Banking APIs allowed us to develop a solution that would enable us to offer instant and automated deposit opening.
Christoph Witte, Associate Director, Bank Partnerships