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Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform

Verrazzano is a general-purpose container platform that developers and DevOps engineers can use to deploy, secure, and manage container workloads, including microservices and traditional applications. Verrazzano is built from a familiar collection of open source components and supports Kubernetes clusters running on-premises or in the cloud.

Oracle’s intuitive platform for managing container workloads (38:50)

Oracle Verrazzano Fundamentals Workshop

Explore how to install Verrazzano platform on a single Kubernetes cluster and deploy sample application using Verrazzano concepts.

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Verrazzano is developed in open source. Build, explore, or contribute to the project today.

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Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform product features

Accelerate application development and productivity

Using a container platform built from familiar components, developers and DevOps engineers can leverage existing skill sets to create and run business applications. Whether a polyglot, microservice-based application or a traditional app, developers can focus on creating business value, not spending time on provisioning and integrating infrastructure technology.

Modernize existing custom application estate

With Verrazzano, developers can modernize and move traditional applications to containers and the cloud without investing in costly rewrites that don’t add value to the business. Preserve value and run existing applications in the same DevOps platform with new cloud native applications

Cloud benefits without vendor lock-in

Verrazzano provides a cloud-neutral stack of components to deploy and manage both traditional and cloud native applications. No matter where Verrazzano runs—in private on-premises cloud, Oracle Cloud, or other public cloud—the tools and APIs are the same, and the resulting behavior is the same. There is no lock-in to the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Complete container platform with easy installation and lifecycle management

Verrazzano provides a complete container platform for modernizing existing applications and for deploying new cloud native applications and microservices. The platform itself is easy to deploy and manage, automating much of the setup needed as applications are deployed. It also enables DevOps- and GitOps-friendly application lifecycle management.

Enhanced value for both Oracle WebLogic Server and Coherence customers

Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform provides a curated, opinionated container stack that simplifies the moving of current Oracle WebLogic Server applications to containers and Kubernetes. With Verrazzano, WebLogic domains can easily be converted to a container image and that domain and all its applications deployed to Kubernetes clusters where networking, security, and observability are automated.

Combined workload management

Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform provides a curated, opinionated multi-cloud environment that enables easy running and administration of WebLogic Server, Coherence, Helidon, Micronaut, Spring Boot, and other container workloads in a unified, open source, DevOps-friendly environment that uses familiar and vendor-neutral tools.

Curated stack

Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform provides a curated, opinionated container stack that simplifies platform setup, and automates networking, deployment, and observability for traditional and cloud native applications. For each open source component embedded in Verrazzano, Oracle downloads the source code, scans it for vulnerabilities, applies fixes, builds from source, and then makes the container image available. With this process, businesses can trust the container that they are using is only the intended code with the latest vulnerability fixes applied.

Polyglot application management

Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform provides a curated, opinionated container stack that simplifies running WebLogic Server, Coherence, Helidon, and other Java and non-Java container workloads across multiple Kubernetes clusters where networking, security, and observability are all automated. The platform provides enhanced handling for most Java workloads, and fully supports polyglot workloads with the same automated ingress, Kubernetes deployment and service creation, inclusion in the service mesh, and automated observability.

End-to-end container management capabilities

Verrazzano is certified and supported on Oracle Linux. With Verrazzano and Oracle Linux, customers can access an extensive portfolio of standards based open software technologies for cloud native application development, deployment, and lifecycle management on-premises or in the cloud.

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Verrazzano simplifies deployment on Kubernetes

CERN manages existing WebLogic Server applications deployed on Kubernetes.

Verrazzano use cases

  • Modernize and move traditional applications to DevOps and the cloud

    Verrazzano builds on WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit , providing an easy way to modernize existing WebLogic applications and move them to containers or the cloud without rewriting applications.

    Verrazzano simplifies deployment by managing the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator lifecycle, and externalizing application portability concerns, such as database connections and ingresses. Verrazzano also automates the service mesh and observability setups for WebLogic applications.

  • Define, setup, and maintain a container platform

    Verrazzano simplifies the assembly of a platform for running container applications, and provides enterprise-grade support for those components, which means:

    • Reduced time to roll out required application infrastructure
    • A full stack, including automated service mesh setup, automated observability stack setup, and automated security setup
    • Better security with vulnerability patching
  • Manage an entire estate of applications across clouds

    Verrazzano, a general-purpose container platform, can be used to deploy, secure, observe, and manage all container workloads across multiple environments, including Kubernetes clusters running on-premises and in a variety of public clouds.



Technical Documentation

Get the details on the current release of Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform. Verrazzano is an end-to-end enterprise container platform for deploying cloud native and traditional applications in multicloud and hybrid environments.



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