Hicron's idea management application runs on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform

Poland16 sierpnia 2022

Hicron Software House is part of the global IT company Hicron, which develops and implements modern IT solutions for business. The Software House division provides services for the development of web applications, strictly tailored to the needs of business customers (custom software development). The company uses the latest IT technologies - including modern programming languages, microservices and cloud hosting. Hicron Software House has partnered with Oracle to host its applications on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) platform.

One of the first solutions running on Oracle's cloud infrastructure is an application that allows for convenient and efficient management of ideas internally. These can include various rationalisation ideas to improve the day-to-day work of staff, as well as supporting the implementation of HR initiatives - such as the optimal organisation of thematic teams or the selection of charitable activities in which the company should be involved.

"The idea to create the application was born quite unexpectedly - we were just about to decide where the departmental team-building would take place," explains Marcin Połulich, Head of Hicron Software House at HICRON. "It was an inspiration, because exchanging emails and proposals, flooding ideas in instant messaging channels does not facilitate decision-making. The collection of ideas takes place within the framework of organised competitions, the completion of which results in the selection of the winning idea. The application handling such a task turned out to be simple enough in business terms that anyone could join the project fairly quickly, while at the same time providing a very large scope for the application of an interesting IT architecture."

The application, developed by Hicron Software House specialists, is an example of a 'cloud native' solution, i.e. built from the outset with its cloud operation in mind. This approach results in 'bespoke' applications that are quickly delivered to customers, are also easy to manage and scale, provide high availability and low cost of ownership.

"What is most significant about this solution is that it effectively uses the latest cloud technologies, which means it is simply technologically state-of-the-art," comments Michal Chmela, Cloud Platform Sales Representative at Oracle. "What contributes most to this is the use of micro-services in the front-end layer. This ensures that the application is lightweight and does not generate excessive maintenance costs, while also providing flexibility and scalability. In addition, placing it on the OCI platform gives the highest possible level of security and the ability to scale easily - according to the current demand for computing power."

"Implementation of the solution took several development weeks," adds Marcin Połulich. "We used the Event Sourcing pattern which provides the ability to track object mutations over time. It is also worth mentioning that the whole project was guided by the overarching goal of using our expertise in designing and realising modern, scalable and efficient cloud solutions. We are seeing a huge demand in the market for custom software development, which has arisen as companies commonly undertake digital projects and seek to optimise their business processes."