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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a virtualization technology that enables a high-performance, virtualized desktop to run in a data center. Oracle VDI solutions are managed by Oracle Gen 2 Cloud, and delivered across the Oracle Cloud network to any endpoint device.

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Oracle VDI use cases

  • On-premises level of control and security

    The future of work is largely remote. This requires a common, secure environment that workers can access anytime, anywhere, on any device. Oracle VDI solutions enable all types of employees to access their applications anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Lower the cost of remote access to graphics-intensive apps

    As more engineers and creative professionals work remotely, running graphics-intensive applications can be expensive. Running these applications in the cloud with VDI provides remote access without additional infrastructure costs. Oracle VDI solutions use OCI’s line of powerful GPUs from NVIDIA for highly secure remote access.

  • Secure and scalable virtual desktops for testing and development

    When working remotely, development teams need access to collaborative testing environments that are highly secure and scalable. Oracle VDI solutions enable developers to access testing and development environments without needing locally saved code. You have the flexibility to scale compute and storage up or down as needed.



Accelerate the launch of your HPC instances on OCI by using our Marketplace and opensource Terraform solutions:

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