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Protect your brand and make every impression count. Oracle Contextual Intelligence analyzes content and matches it to contextual segments for digital advertising campaigns, providing a contextual targeting and brand safety solution for brands, agencies, and publishers.

Oracle Contextual Intelligence
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Discover the benefits of using Oracle Advertising to monitor and improve brand safety and overall performance.

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The Outlook for Contextual Solutions in Data-Driven Advertising and Marketing

Understand how contextual techniques are poised to play a central role in advertising and media monetization, picking up where identity-driven targeting leaves off.

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Privacy-centric contextual campaign targeting

Activate digital advertising campaigns with contextual targeting, reaching people when they are actively looking for content. Our page-level, multiterm matching capabilities understands the true context of the page so you can accurately align your campaigns to relevant content in a privacy-centric manner.

Syndicated targeting

Align with your target audience while they’re actively consuming specific pieces of content. Our syndicated targeting segments are curated and ready to activate in most major demand side platforms (DSPs), so you have the most up-to-date categories and topics to reach your desired audience.

Custom targeting

Customize your targeting segments to amplify your brand’s message and meet your intended audience, editorial, or campaign needs. Custom segments are built specifically to your brand with transparent customization and fast deployment into major DSPs, leading to more conversions and lower costs.

AI-powered trend targeting

Make smarter ad buys with AI-powered automation that identifies trending content across the web. Oracle Predicts (PDF) aligns your campaign message with relevant, trending content through dynamic optimization, increasing click-through-rate performance and reducing cost-per-click metrics.

Sentiment targeting

Capitalize on the tone of a specific piece of content with sentiment targeting. Align your campaign with content written to elicit a particular feeling from the reader, such as positive, negative, happy, sad, love, curiousness, or numerous other categories.

Localized language targeting

Activate your campaign in 31 categorized languages, curated and monitored by a dedicated staff of in-language experts. Target an additional 174 uncategorized languages for campaign alignment.

Safe, suitable, and responsible media solutions

Standard brand safety

Protect brand equity and deliver your message in brand-safe environments. Aligned to online safety standards set by industry groups, such as the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), our safety categories scan potentially harmful and risky content in more than 12 categories, including firearms, crime, drugs, obscenity, death, and hate speech.

Custom brand safety/brand suitability

Define your custom brand safety threshold and risk tolerance. Find topics that positively resonate with your brand, amplifying your brand personality and values and optimizing reach, while avoiding the types of harmful content that puts your brand at risk. Custom safety segments are built specific to your brand with transparent customization and fast deployment into major DSPs.

Prebid invalid traffic (IVT) and viewability

Combine brand safety protection with Oracle Advertising’s prebid invalid traffic (IVT) and viewability solution for greater control and precision over your digital campaign environments. Oracle’s prebid verification of safety, IVT, and viewability solution protects your digital investments and helps ensure that your ads are served according to your standards.

Prebid viewability

Filter content based on viewability parameters set forth by the Media Ratings Council (MRC), giving you unprecedented precision and control over where your ads are seen.

Prebid IVT

Detect and filter out all forms of invalid traffic, protecting your ad spend and ensuring your campaigns do not include impressions generated by bots or any form of nonhuman traffic.

The future of privacy-friendly targeting

Oracle Advertising Content Affinity Targeting is a privacy-friendly targeting solution that identifies and targets the online content with which your ideal audience has the strongest affinity. The content affinity engine analyzes what content a given audience views over time to find what they are most likely to engage with and what they tend to avoid. Deep learning models find additional content that most closely matches the seed content for your target audience. Find your target customer across all types of content that they consume online—without audience IDs—in these powerful content affinity segments.

Demographic segments

Solve the challenge of reaching specific demographic target audiences when using contextual-based advertising. Traditionally, these audiences are hard to reach via contextual targeting. Content Affinity Targeting reaches various demographic cohorts, such as age, gender, and income, across a broad array of content that those individuals are more likely to consume.

Lifestyle segments

Complement your traditional contextual targeting approach geared toward specific lifestyle content with audience-informed targeting segments. Our data-backed solution enables you to scale campaigns against relevant lifestyles—no matter what type of content they are viewing at the time.

Retail segments

Extend the reach of your purchase-based audiences through audience-backed content affinity segments or use it as a replacement strategy where a cookieless approach may be more suitable.

Customer spotlight

Teads helps deliver brand safe advertising results using Oracle Advertising

“One of the main reasons we use Oracle as a partner is because they’re a third party that is coming to the table and giving us best practices. Brand safety isn’t a stagnant conversation. It’s a moving target every day, and Oracle is helping us constantly refine our approach.”

—Meg Runeari, Chief Experience Officer, Teads

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Oracle Contextual Intelligence key benefits

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