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Oracle CX - Customer Experience Digital Transformation

CX Digital Transformation
How to Build Digital, Connected and Adaptive Customer Experiences

The great CX race is on: transform, embrace digital and win.

CX Report
Next Generation CX Report: the Death of the Digital Divide

Take control of your digital transformation with the latest insights from Oracle and Publicis Media.

Customer Experience is at the heart of Digital Transformation

Customers, technologies, behaviours, expectations, the ways we communicate, do business, live our lives, have all changed. Successful companies are those who respond to change appropriately – and quickly. The most successful are those who anticipate it and change first. For some this could mean transforming their entire business. But it always starts with the experience of the customer.

Interactions between customers and businesses are more complex than ever, as consumers move between multiple devices and channels to get things done. Providing strong customer experiences through each one separately is not enough. To really satisfy modern digital customers, those experiences need to be consistent and connected across multiple channels. The challenge is to integrate digital with traditional channels into an omnichannel experience. However, brands have been talking about the need to eliminate silos between marketing, sales and service for years but have done little to act.

Digital Transformation will fail without strong data management

Personalized experiences have become a basic expectation today; we need to get to a level deeper. The customer today and tomorrow has higher expectations. To transform businesses in the digital world, companies have to add value by collecting more data that can be used to enhance the customer experience with capabilities such as hyper-personalization and real-time recommendations. The goal is to build a single view of your customer, use location data to add precision and context and create relevant communications at the right time on the right channel.

A new technology revolution

Almost every day, it seems, novel technologies emerge which allow brands to delight their customers in new ways. Sometimes knowing which technologies to invest in, and which to ignore, can be the difference between success and failure. An integrated platform built on cloud-based systems give brands the flexibility to transform at a fast pace.

High performing companies are undergoing a digital transformation across customer experience to ensure they’re capable of meeting new expectations set by two major factors:

  • Empowered customers

    They’re communicating, interacting, and expecting 24/7 access to brands from any location, on any device.
    They’re embracing anything that offers improved convenience or service to make their lives easier.

  • Market innovation and disruption

    Brands, like Uber and Amazon:
    Are not encumbered by existing brands, distribution channels, or investments.
    Are embracing technology to meet new standards and provide exceptional experiences.

Why are businesses digitally transforming their CX?
  • The need for digital transformation across customer experience impacts any role within a company that is consumer-facing or helps generate revenue – and, accountability for revenue spans across the entire customer lifecycle. Digital transformation equips internal teams to perform better and achieve greater results:

    Marketing teams: increase customer engagement + increase customer acquisition + prove ROI

    Sales teams: predictably grow sales + control the cost of sales

    Service teams: reduce costs + increase customer satisfaction + reduce customer churn

    Commerce teams: increase online sales + increase margins + increase average order values

Who is responsible for CX Digital Transformation?
  • To make digital transformation worth the investment, it’s essential that the customer has a connected experience.
  • You no longer have a choice. If you’ve not done so already, you must evolve to a data-driven and connected CX infrastructure. Hyper-personalization, chatbots, organic channels, IoT and Adaptive Intelligence make a big difference but can appear difficult to tackle.
  • But as with any challenge it’s perfectly surmountable. Oracle can help: indeed, if you act fast and transform in a pragmatic way, not only will you secure the customers you already have, but you’ll soon win new ones.
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