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Oracle Modern Best Practice—Bank Transaction

Bank Transaction
Redefine Reconciliation

Bank Transaction to Cash Position

The analytic, mobile, and social capabilities built into modern best practice offer a new way to ensure an error-free account reconciliation and an efficient close. Import statements electronically to monitor and interact with the entire enterprise. Take advantage of the cloud for an easy platform to securely socialize bank transactions, reconcile statements to bank transactions, and reconcile balances. Create smarter, more efficient processes for minimal cash leakage moving forward. Use the following best practice as your roadmap for efficient, data-driven financial processes.

More Accurate, Efficient Reconciliation

  • Reconcile activities including pro-forma bank reconciliation with general ledger
  • Collaborate with secure social networks
  • Transfer records using mobile technology
  • Use role-specific dashboards to load record transaction flags

Review Activities
Mobile. Analytics. Social. icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Review Activities

Review automated aggregation of disbursements, payroll, collections, investments and borrowing. View highlighted differences and variances to plan via secure role-based dashboards.

Bank Validation
Create Bank Transactions icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Bank Validation

Daily interfaces with banks featuring automatic comparison of records, automatic adjustment of fees and minor differences. Align daily balances.

Initiate Interbank Activities
Mobile. Analytics. Social.  icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Initiate Interbank Activities

Execute global cash management. Optimize balances across accounts using zero balance schemes, etc. Real-time review of bank positions.

Manage End of Period Positions
Mobile. Analytics. Social. icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Manage End of Period Positions

Automated month end statement reconciliation. Balance sheet optimization with automatic updates to forecasts and plans.

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