Lamentamos, mas não foi possível localizar uma correspondência para a sua pesquisa.

Sugerimos que experimente o seguinte para encontrar aquilo que procura:

  • Verifique a ortografia da pesquisa por palavras-chave.
  • Utilize sinónimos para a palavra-chave que digitou, por exemplo, experimente “aplicação” em vez de “software”.
  • Iniciar uma nova pesquisa.

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How composability can help you weather uncertainty on the road ahead

Rod Johnson, Executive Vice President, North America Applications Sales & Consulting

IIf you want to start a lively debate, ask me about the best team in NFL history. I have friends from places like Pittsburgh, San Francisco, or Chicago who might try to argue otherwise, but I’ll stand by my position that the 1992 Dallas Cowboys remain the most complete team to ever step onto the gridiron. Did they have a ton of individual talent? Sure. But what sets them apart from other contenders was their ability to excel in every aspect of the game as a team. Each player knew not just their job, but roles of those around them as well. And they were able to execute their job effectively and consistently. That’s what made them the most complete team.

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