Lamentamos, mas não foi possível localizar uma correspondência para a sua pesquisa.

Sugerimos que experimente o seguinte para encontrar aquilo que procura:

  • Verifique a ortografia da pesquisa por palavras-chave.
  • Utilize sinónimos para a palavra-chave que digitou, por exemplo, experimente “aplicação” em vez de “software”.
  • Iniciar uma nova pesquisa.

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How technology can help the planet—and your bottom line

Emma Hitzke, Senior Product Marketing Director, Emerging Tech

The people you sell to, partner with, and hire are working to build a more sustainable future, and they want the companies they work with to help them in that effort. To them, it’s not enough for you to focus on profitability and financials; they also want you to focus on sustainability. Processes need to be put into place towards the advancement of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. In fact, according to new research from Oracle and Pamela Rucker, CIO Advisor, Instructor for Harvard Professional Development, one out of every four people research, donate, and otherwise commit their lives to sustainability and social causes.

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