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Ready to Work: Embedded Machine Learning in Oracle Cloud

Embedding artificial intelligence and machine learning into Oracle Cloud is key to Oracle’s cloud strategy. This enables our customers to spend less time on manual tasks and management and focus on high-value tasks that drive business results. Below are three examples where Oracle is embedding machine learning to power our services and provide more value to our customers.

Revolutionizing Data Management with Machine Learning

Traditional database clouds are manually managed and tuned, subject to human error, and easily exposed to costly security vulnerabilities, making the promise of cloud savings and efficiency unattainable. Oracle is using machine learning to revolutionize data management with the introduction of the world’s first autonomous database, delivering more automation for more savings.

Augmented Analytics with Machine Learning

Oracle powers deeper insights by embedding machine learning and AI into every aspect of the analytics process, making your job easier than ever. We employ smart data preparation and discovery to enhance your overall experience. Natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) power modern, conversation-style analytics.

Machine Learning Embedded in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle’s Generation 2 Infrastructure uses machine learning to drive incredible efficiencies in enterprise IT workloads while reducing IT infrastructure costs. Examples include advanced algorithms that detect potential security issues though analytics and anomaly detection, and algorithms that detect and predict failures or performance issues in physical infrastructure. The use of machine learning across Oracle’s cloud infrastructure ensures unbeatable reliability, security, and performance for critical enterprise workloads.