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Oracle Events Service Is Now Generally Available

Track changes in your cloud resources and respond to them using Functions, Notifications, and Streaming.

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Fully Managed

Oracle Events Service eliminates the complexity of manually tracking changes across your cloud resources and responding to them in near real-time with Functions, Notifications, and Streaming.

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Deeply Integrated

Oracle Events Service integrates with all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services so you can track events from all your cloud resources.

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Oracle Events Service is compliant with Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) CloudEvents for seamless interoperability with the cloud native ecosystem.

Oracle Events Delivery Mechanism

Delivery Mechanisms

Product Features

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Intelligent Delivery at Scale

Oracle Events service supports delivery of messages at least once with multiple retries in case an endpoint is down. With built-in complex logic to handle endpoint outages and latency, Events Service is built for any scale.

Built-In Security

Integrates with Oracle Identity and Access Management so you can define granular user permissions for creating and managing rules.


There are no fees for using Oracle Events Service; you only pay for the services you consume that publish events to the Events Service or that receive events from Events Service.