High-performance Java

Java runs best on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Oracle continues to innovate for the cloud with the GraalVM high performance JDK to accelerate modern microservices-based application performance. Generate more efficient code that starts up faster and uses fewer system resources. Get an additional performance boost from patented optimizations that come with Oracle GraalVM—at no additional cost.

Deploy Java on OCI benefits

Lower operations cost

Save money by executing the same workloads with fewer compute resources. With Oracle GraalVM, you can dramatically improve Java application performance resulting in faster startup time and lower memory consumption.

High-performance Java on OCI at no additional cost

Oracle GraalVM is offered at no charge when running Java and JVM-based applications on OCI. Java is the #1 language for cloud native development. It supports multi-language interoperability with no performance penalty.

Modernize existing Java applications—or build new apps

Build new, high-performance Java microservices that start up almost instantly. Native executables use a smaller memory footprint ideal for running in containers with Kubernetes. With an ecosystem of tools, Oracle GraalVM is the preferred way to build with Spring Boot, Micronaut, Helidon, or Quarkus. Optimize existing Java applications on OCI with better performance, stability, and support—backed by the Java experts.

OCI is the best platform for running Java

Application modernization requires the right tools and the right runtime environment to enable better efficiency, performance, and cost savings at scale. OCI users enjoy the benefits from these solutions at no additional cost: Oracle GraalVM, Java Management Service, Oracle Java SE Subscription Enterprise Performance Pack, and Oracle Support.

Oracle GraalVM

Build more efficient code that starts almost instantly or accelerate the performance of your existing Java applications.

Oracle GraalVM Native Image

Run applications as native executables faster, use less memory, and save hosting costs.

My Oracle Support

Customers choose Oracle Support to protect their investment in Java.

  • GraalVM license support is included with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You get around-the-clock support from Oracle Support, backed by Java experts.
  • Java SE product triage support for your entire Java portfolio including third-party libraries and runtimes.
  • Log in and resolve Java issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce time-to-resolution and minimize Java support costs.
  • Receive security updates to a variety of versions.

Oracle Java SE Subscription Enterprise Performance Pack (EPP)

Take advantage of significant performance improvements added to Java since Java 8 to reduce latency and improve scalability.

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Oracle Java Management Service (JMS)

The average organization has dozens of distinct versions of the Java platform installed across desktops, servers, and cloud. Keeping out-of-date versions of Java in your environments may present a security risk. JMS is a free OCI service that monitors Java deployments running in the cloud and on customer locations.

  • Observe and manage Java usage across the enterprise.
  • Identify which Java versions are installed across the enterprise.
  • Determine which Java versions are being used by which applications and which Java installations need updating.

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