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Fastest, Most Consistent Performance

When Cisco Tetration moved from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the results were so shocking they questioned their engineers. The tests were correct: 60x performance improvement.

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Build, test, and deploy applications on Oracle Cloud—for free.

Customers Choose Oracle Cloud Platform for Performance


Accenture chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to modernize their Life Sciences Cloud solution, which drives digitally enabled R&D for pharmaceutical companies.


OceanX gained 3x performance by migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from AWS.

Alliance Data Systems

Alliance Data Systems moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, saving US$1M+ per year.

Darling Ingredients

Darling Ingredients gained 2x performance increases from their previous hosted solution.

Why is Oracle Cloud So Much Faster?

Oracle’s highly scalable, flat network design limits the number of network hops between compute and storage to a maximum of two. Combined with no network or CPU over-subscription, and locally attached NVMe storage, this means you get a low-latency network with predictable performance and fast cloud storage.

Virtual Workshop: Proof of the HPC Performance Advantages of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

AWS versus Oracle Cloud Comparison

The cloud isn’t just about flexibility and ease of deployment; it’s also about performance.

AWS IOPS Performance

Oracle Cloud IOPS Performance

Oracle Performance Advantage

Oracle Database workload using remote block storage 51,261 255,000 5x
Oracle Database workload using local SSD storage 458,675 1,043,104 2x
MS SQL 840,731 1,684,869 2x
4K random write workload 1,439,928 3,232,215 2x
VDI LC initial login workload 93,485 242,778 2x

Based on independent benchmarks conducted by StorageReview in March and August 2018.

Trending IaaS Blogs

These blog posts include benchmarks for bare metal, high performance computing, and deep learning, as well as test plans, price-performance analysis, free trials, and more.

Altair Engineering Brings the Power of Supercomputing to CFD Engineers with the Help of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

At Oracle Cloud, we want to bring the power of supercomputing to every engineer and scientist. To deliver on this vision, we strive to achieve the best performance in the cloud for our high-performance computing (HPC) customers.

File Storage Performance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built to deliver consistent high performance for demanding enterprise workloads. for Scientific Computing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC

We recently invited, a cloud-based, nanoscale modeling platform that accelerates research and development of new materials, to test the high-performance computing (HPC) hardware in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Big Data Performance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

You might have seen Larry Ellison’s keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2018 regarding the significant price and performance advantages of running Big Data workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Dealing with Data: How Autonomous Solutions are Impacting Cloud Migration

Working in cloud today is fascinating. We’re far beyond traditional VMs and simple applications. In fact, new use cases around cloud, data, and intelligent systems are inspiring to work with and design around.

Oracle AMD Instances Outperform and Outprice Comparable AWS Instances

Not all clouds, or processors, are the same, and the savings might surprise you. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AMD compute instances perform 30 percent better and provide three times better price-performance than comparable AWS compute instances.

Deep Learning with NVIDIA GPUs, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and MapR

I wanted to see if I could use a highly reliable, low-cost, easy-to-use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment to reproduce the deep-learning benchmark results published by some of the big storage vendors.

ANSYS and Oracle: ANSYS Fluent on Bare Metal IaaS

The performance of ANSYS Fluent software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure bare-metal instances meets and in some cases exceeds the raw performance of other on-premises HPC clusters, demonstrating that HPC can run well in the cloud.

On-Premises High Performance Computing Performance with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Run any HPC workload on Oracle Cloud with the same predictable performance of your on-premises HPC infrastructure. At 7.5 cents per core hour, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's HPC offering provides one of the most FLOPs per penny in the cloud.

Block Volume Performance Analysis

Oracle’s Block Volume Storage Service meets or exceeds the demanding requirements presented by latency sensitive enterprise applications, difficult to forecast high performance computing problems, and modern data guzzling applications.

Oracle Bare Metal Cloud—DenseIO Virtual Machine Performance Analysis

When you need high performance local NVMe storage, but have only a few terabytes or a few cores, DenseIO Virtual Machines is the right service to consider.

Predictable, Consistent, High Performance Computing with Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Compute Service

Learn more about the value of a mix of high-performance, bare metal instances and how they can be used seamlessly in concert with virtual machine instances.