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Cloud Solutions

Whether you want to modernize your application portfolio broadly, pursue specific opportunities in your industry, or optimize a single technology, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) brings together more than 100 cloud services with leading back-office and industry-specific SaaS on a single cloud platform. Get started easily with hundreds of reference architectures and fully automated solutions available for direct deployment into your OCI environment.

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Cloud application modernization

On-premises Oracle application modernization

Easily move Oracle on-premises applications such as E-Business Suite and FLEXCUBE without rearchitecture. Our experts will help you move at no cost to a higher performance, better TCO environment.

Custom and third-party application modernization

Move, optimize, or extend any custom or third-party applications, including SAP and Windows, with our unique autonomous and MySQL databases, and application integration, ML, developer, and low code services.

ISV and SaaS application modernization

Improve your customer experience and business margins by achieving speed and scale like nowhere else. Join other market disruptors by running your SaaS on the most innovative platform available.

Customer success with application modernization

Mazda logo

Moved their inventory management system to OCI without any application changes, reducing costs by 50%.

7-Eleven logo

Moved core ERP and back-office applications to OCI in 13 weeks. Only OCI could meet database scalability and resiliency requirements.

Specialized logo

Moved ERP and product lifecycle management to OCI. Added resiliency with cloud disaster recovery and saw huge increases in online transactional and batch processing performance.


Cloud application development

Cloud native application development

Build applications with modern architectures—from microservices to serverless—using scale-up or scale-out, with easy to use cloud services and the developer tools and ecosystem that you depend on.

Low-code application development

With Oracle’s APEX application development platform, build and deploy modern applications such as dashboards, opportunity tracking, and other productivity tools 38 times faster than coding.

Artificial intelligence

Improve the value of your applications with prebuilt AI services such as natural language processing, or build your own with our data science services and familiar tools like Jupyter Notebooks.

Customer success with application development

Agroscout logo

Autonomous scouting helps farmers improve crop yields. Agroscout modernized their application into a microservices architecture on OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes with machine learning on OCI Data Science and OCI GPU instances.

Phenix logo

Real-time media streaming for live events. Spins up custom configurations with thousands of instances per event using OCI Flexible Compute across 12 regions.

retraced logo

Verified sustainability and ethical sourcing for apparel supply chains. Uses OCI Kubernetes and Autonomous Database for their microservices application and Oracle Blockchain for immutable ledger.


Data cloud platform modernization

Data and database migration

Move any data structure to the cloud—including transactional, warehouse, JSON, or MySQL databases—and automate data security, scaling, and resilience while consolidating resources and removing silos.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Improve your business insights with our collaborative data science service and database-integrated Oracle Machine Learning. API-driven machine learning solutions.

Upgrade to Autonomous Database

Accelerate development and application performance on a fully managed, highly available, scalable, and secure Oracle Database service in the cloud.

Customer success with data platform modernization

Aon logo

Integrates sales and marketing data in Autonomous Data Warehouse. 50X to 60X faster query performance than on-premises. Better security. 15 hours of weekly admin time saved.

Lyft logo

New financial data warehouse that provides a single source of truth. Consolidates 30 financial and operational systems. Autoscaling provides performance for peak fiscal reporting periods and flexible costs.

Siemens logo

Moved a complex project information and management system to the cloud in just two weeks. Improved performance and realized up to 90% cost and time savings compared to on-premises.


Hybrid cloud and multicloud

A dedicated Oracle Cloud region on your premises

Run your production applications and modernize in parallel, with the full control of a cloud in your own data centers. With Oracle Dedicated Region, customers get the exact same architecture, billing models, operations, security, and more than 100 cloud services, the same as in the public regions of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud VMware deployment

Extend VMware-based workloads to the cloud without rearchitecting applications or retooling operations. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides a customer-managed, native VMware, cloud-verified environment, with elastic infrastructure and direct access to more than 100 OCI services.

Autonomous Database in your data center

Eliminate virtually all of the complexity associated with managing and securing databases on-premises. We manage the hardware and automate provisioning, configuring, tuning, scaling, securing, backing up, and repairing databases. Reduce your database management costs by up to 80% with our autonomous capabilities coupled with optimized Exadata hardware and pay-per-use subscription pricing.

Cloud compute and storage in remote locations

Ruggedized Oracle Roving Edge Devices deliver cloud computing and storage services at the edge of networks and in disconnected locations, allowing faster processing close to the data source and quicker insights into your data.

Multicloud with Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure

Run production applications, analytics, data lakes—nearly any workload—across Azure and OCI like a single cloud. Benefit from the best of both worlds with millisecond latency interconnection in eight regions around the world, federated identity, and collaborative support.

Distributed cloud deployments with OCI

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers the widest range of distributed cloud strategies with hybrid cloud services, multicloud capabilities, and 39 cloud regions globally.

Customer success with hybrid and multicloud strategies

NRI logo

Moved its mission-critical SaaS applications to a Dedicated Region, which are used by about 70% of the capital markets firms in Japan. They increased both cost and operational efficiency compared to on-premises.

Entel logo

Moved its business applications and VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They cut infrastructure costs by 50% compared to on-premises, and reduced administration and monitoring efforts by 90%.

TIM Brasil logo
TIM Brasil

TIM Brasil will migrate 7,000 servers, 35,000 cores, 1,200 databases, and 15 PB of storage. Core billing, CRM, custom database applications, and VMware will move to OCI. Oracle–Azure Interconnect will provide 40 Gbps, federated identity, and a 99.95% SLA.

Cloud security and governance

Cloud backup and disaster recovery

Protect your applications and data, on-premises or in other clouds, and meet your optimal level of resilience with Oracle services such as GoldenGate and popular third parties. Take advantage of the unique interconnection between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Microsoft Azure.

Security and compliance

Protect your entire IT portfolio with built-in security that is on by default, such as default data encryption, and economics that make security accessible to your entire staff, such as our no cost Cloud Guard service.

Customer success with security and governance

Darling Ingredients logo
Darling Ingredients

This international developer and producer of sustainable organic ingredients wanted to raise their security posture across critical apps. Cloud Guard quickly provided security best practices at no extra cost.

Discngine logo

This bioinformatics company had limited IT staff, but required security certifications for customers. Cloud Guard enabled them to quickly and continuously monitor and report on security posture.

Grupo DPSP logo
Grupo DPSP

This large Brazilian drugstore chain needed to build a commerce application for 18 million customers in four weeks. The high default security of Autonomous Transaction Processing enabled fast development and strong customer protections.

Featured industry cloud solutions

Financial services

Financial Services

Oracle FLEXCUBE provides integrated and modular universal banking that’s designed to modernize a bank’s core systems. This solution is ideal for either modernizing the infrastructure of an existing deployment or setting up core operations for a new all-digital bank.

Explore financial services

Life Sciences

GROMACS is a popular molecular dynamics application. We've packaged it with high-performance OCI bare metal or virtual machine GPU shapes to provide a drug research and discovery solution. GROMACS can establish patterns in protein folding, protein-ligand binding, and cell membrane transport.

Explore life sciences
Life sciences


Healthcare providers can easily create a fully integrated environment on OCI to capture Healthcare IoT device data, imaging records, health records, and consolidate with other enterprise application and event data. This scalable data environment enables developers to rapidly build applications and data models.

Explore healthcare


Oracle offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services for any retail workload, from cloud native applications to high volume transactional. Build new applications, extend existing ones, or seamlessly move the most demanding applications and databases to the cloud with minimal refactoring and risk.

Explore retail
Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Discover how OCI can accelerate your enterprise digital transformation and expedite moving your product development workloads to the cloud. Improve your enterprise apps and unleash the potential of your data with Oracle Data Science and Analytics on OCI.

Explore manufacturing

Featured technology cloud solutions



Move or extend VMware-based workloads to the cloud without rearchitecting applications or retooling operations. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides a customer-managed, native VMware, cloud-verified environment, with elastic infrastructure and direct access to all more than 100 OCI services.

Explore VMware

Microsoft Azure

Run production applications, analytics, data lakes—nearly any workload—across Azure and OCI like a single cloud. Benefit from the best of both worlds with millisecond latency interconnection in eight regions around the world, federated identity, and collaborative support.

Explore Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure


Deployable directly from Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Fortinet solutions are comprised of best-in-class security and management tools that enable organizations to defend workloads and applications from threats to both hybrid and multicloud environments.

Explore Fortinet


Altair HyperWorks Unlimited virtual appliance is a fully managed engineering service on OCI that provides modeling and visualization software, solvers, and post-processing tools. The solution offers unlimited use of Altair HyperWorks™ applications and full global support from Altair’s team.

Explore Altair
October 5, 2021

Integra LifeSciences enhances multicloud capability with OCI, achieves 90% time savings and boosts IT efficiency

Integra LifeSciences is a biomedical corporation that is addressing life-threatening situations with help from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In this technical case study, we will dive deeper into Integra’s offerings, their solution on OCI, and results achieved through their partnership with Oracle.

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Try 20+ Always Free cloud services, with a 30-day trial for even more

Oracle offers a Free Tier with no time limits on more than 20 services such as Autonomous Database, Arm Compute, and Storage, as well as US$300 in free credits to try additional cloud services. Get the details and sign up for your free account today.

  • What’s included with Oracle Cloud Free Tier?

    • 2 Autonomous Databases, 20 GB each
    • AMD and Arm Compute VMs
    • 200 GB total block storage
    • 10 GB object storage
    • 10 TB outbound data transfer per month
    • 10+ more Always Free services
    • US$300 in free credits for 30 days for even more

Learn with step-by-step guidance

Experience a wide range of OCI services through tutorials and hands-on labs. Whether you're a developer, admin, or analyst, we can help you see how OCI works. Many labs run on the Oracle Cloud Free Tier or an Oracle-provided free lab environment.

  • Get started with OCI core services

    The labs in this workshop cover an introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) core services including virtual cloud networks (VCN) and compute and storage services.

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  • Autonomous Database quick start

    In this workshop, you’ll go through the steps to get started using Oracle Autonomous Database.

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  • Build an app from a spreadsheet

    This lab walks you through uploading a spreadsheet into an Oracle Database table, and then creating an application based on this new table.

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  • Deploy an HA application on OCI

    In this lab you’ll deploy web servers on two compute instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), configured in High Availability mode by using a Load Balancer.

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Explore over 150 best practice designs

See how our architects and other customers deploy a wide range of workloads, from enterprise apps to HPC, from microservices to data lakes. Understand the best practices, hear from other customer architects in our Built & Deployed series, and even deploy many workloads with our "click to deploy" capability or do it yourself from our GitHub repo.

Popular architectures

  • Apache Tomcat with MySQL Database Service
  • Oracle Weblogic on Kubernetes with Jenkins
  • Machine-learning (ML) and AI environments
  • Tomcat on Arm with Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Log analysis with ELK Stack
  • HPC with OpenFOAM

See how much you can save on OCI

Oracle Cloud pricing is simple, with consistent low pricing worldwide, supporting a wide range of use cases. To estimate your low rate, check out the cost estimator and configure the services to suit your needs.

Experience the difference:

  • 1/4 the outbound bandwidth costs
  • 3X the compute price-performance
  • Same low price in every region
  • Low pricing without long-term commitments

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    • How can OCI support your IaaS and PaaS goals?