Run and Operate Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Run and operate services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides an array of targeted services for OCI and Oracle Autonomous Database. They’re part of the portfolio of Oracle Customer Success Services (CSS). CSS helps ensure your cloud investments deliver the performance your business needs to compete, providing the precise level and type of support that fits your IT staff and environment. Maximize the benefit you get from OCI with extra help optimizing your databases, applications, virtual machines, middleware, and operating systems.

 Reigniting Innovation: Michelin's Partnership with Oracle Customer Success Services

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  • System administration expertise

    A move to cloud infrastructure doesn’t eliminate routine system administration activities. By leveraging automation, proven processes, and global scale, CSS provides a lower-cost option compared with having your in-house team maintain a complex architecture.

  • Database management

    Databases are at the heart of every business and keeping them operating efficiently is essential. CSS provides full lifecycle management of databases including provisioning, monitoring, patching, user administration, and periodic cloud service reviews.

  • Seamlessly connected systems

    Integrations bridge the gaps between databases, applications, analytics warehouses, and users. CSS elevates Oracle Cloud by connecting your critical business environments through instance provisioning, configuration, and daily administration.

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“Together with Oracle, we’re modernizing thousands of on-premises database workloads and associated applications using a secure, fully featured on-premises cloud region—and lowering our costs.”

Scott Petty Chief Digital and Information Officer, Vodafone

Explore Run and Operate Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Oracle Advanced Management for Hybrid Cloud

    Oracle Advanced Management for Hybrid Cloud offers more hands-on assistance by jointly managing your applications, databases, and technology infrastructure. The service includes end-to-end system governance by a technical account manager, access to technical resources to execute Requests for Change, 24/7 monitoring and incident management, proactive patching, backup and data restore, and annual disaster recovery testing.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Accelerator Service

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Accelerator Service is our comprehensive support bundle that includes a designated technical account manager who provides proactive and prioritized issue resolution, cloud architectural guidance to optimize your business workloads, routine health checks with recommendations to improve performance, digital learning capabilities to improve user productivity, and certifications to validate your team’s expertise.

  • Oracle Mission Critical Response for Cloud

    Oracle Mission Critical Response for Cloud enhances the support experience with technical resources to expedite the resolution of complex issues. A designated technical account manager provides prioritized issue resolution and a 24/7 triage team coordinates service requests, and if necessary, will engage a virtual command center of advanced support engineers to quickly diagnose and remediate critical incidents.

  • Solution Support Center

    Oracle Solution Support Center provides end-to-end expert support for cloud operations to streamline operations and mitigate risk. A designated team included at all levels of service ensure an expedited response rate to critical issues, and ongoing proactive assistance to resolve issues before they occur.

  • Oracle Database Services

    Oracle Database Services provides an additional layer of support for increased operational efficiency and a smooth transition to Oracle Cloud and Autonomous Database. With a designated support team, ensures reduced business risk through 24/7 lifecycle management with faster issue resolution and time to production.

  • MySQL Database Services

    Oracle MySQL Database Services support a modernized and optimized SQL database solution for on-premise deployment, customized configuration, and ongoing strategic management. Ensure mission-critical incidents are resolved quickly, providing personalized guidance to minimize complexity and risk.

Why choose Run and Operate Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

  • Reduced risk

    Gain peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring and SLAs that provide prioritized issue resolution and maximum availability of your cloud environment.

  • Efficient operations

    Improve operations by leveraging automation, tooling based on machine learning, and full lifecycle management of OCI workloads across all domains.

  • Full autonomy

    Get extra help administering and maintaining your cloud services, but retain full control of your basic tenancy, data sovereignty, and security requirements.

  • Faster return on investment

    Partner with experienced Oracle Cloud experts to quickly achieve the stability, availability, and performance you need to deliver great business results.

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Run and Operate Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solves challenges

  • Lack of expertise

    Overcome internal skill gaps by offloading technical administration and routine maintenance to highly trained professionals.

  • Operational optimization

    Minimize downtime and optimize performance with our experts’ ITIL-based, 24/7 support processes.

  • Strategic IT focus

    Relieve your IT team from the burden of managing administrative and maintenance services so they can focus on business-critical projects.

  • Scaling for growth

    Architect your cloud infrastructure to meet current needs and be ready to scale with future success.

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IAC improves performance by 35% with Oracle Cloud (1:33)