CONTUS Tech cuts IT support costs by 40% with OCI

The global provider of unified communication and media streaming services migrates its customer-facing SaaS applications and apps development to OCI.


Migrating our data center workloads to OCI was one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. With superior performance, scalability, and security, OCI and Oracle Support have been instrumental in helping us meet the growing demands of our customers while also enabling a cutting-edge competitive advantage.

Sriram ManoharanFounder and Chairman, CONTUS Tech

Business challenges

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own video streaming service, CONTUS Tech may have just the tools you are looking for. Based in Chennai, the company offers products and services platforms that provide you with everything you need to manage, stream, and monetize video and audio content across all devices, such as VPlayed and GudSho. Additionally, its MirrorFly platform enables organizations of all sizes to employ in-app communication services such as chat, video, and voice. The company’s impressive client list includes well-known global brands along with innovative startups.

CONTUS Tech originally built its products in the company’s own data center, offering its services to customers as SaaS solutions from the start. But as the business expanded, operating costs grew disproportionality, endangering its ability to maintain an optimal pricing structure. Technical staff had limited availability to scale up and down to the peaks and valleys of customer demand. Plus, solutions for each client were deployed manually—a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. And, with each client existing in a silo, the company couldn’t gain economies of scale and establish centralized functions such as account billing. Additionally, staff had to perform periodic operating system patches for compute instances manually without clients experiencing downtime.

To address these challenges, the company sought a high-performing, cost-effective cloud platform that would scale to meet its needs.

CONTUS Tech chose OCI based on its high performance, security, pricing structure, and readily available support resources.

Why CONTUS Tech chose Oracle

CONTUS Tech evaluated cloud providers based on multiple criteria. As table stakes, the solution needed to meet the high performance demands of its video streaming and communications platform clients. The company also required the highest levels of security, which would be updated continuously and would be easy to deploy. Pricing needed to be structured so that the company would be competitive across global markets. And finally, CONTUS Tech wanted to establish an effective working relationship with its cloud provider to remain agile and responsive to the continuously changing needs of customers.

The company selected Oracle based on the capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and the responsiveness of the Oracle team during the evaluation process.

CONTUS Tech tapped a variety of Oracle Cloud security services to automatically ensure the highest levels of data and network security and integrity.


CONTUS Tech migrated its compute workloads to OCI in 2020, hosting all client solutions on the platform. Today, the company uses Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes to enable staff to deploy Kubernetes clusters instantly while ensuring automatic updates, patching, scaling, and more. Because OCI supports Terraform and Ansible tools for infrastructure deployment and configuration, all deployments of new environments are automated, making it much easier for technical staff to handle multiple projects at once. And staff can work with each client to identify the optimal compute shape to dial in the right combination of computing power and cost. 

CONTUS Tech uses a variety of OCI Security services to ensure data and network security and integrity. OCI Vault stores and manages master encryption keys for secure access to resources. Oracle Web Application Firewall helps protect application servers and applications from malicious internet traffic. With OCI Vulnerability Scanning, development teams write code on instances with the latest security patches, ensuring a smooth transition to building production code. In concert with Oracle Cloud Guard, these automated tools and services give the company a unified view to assess its cloud security posture in real time. 

Oracle’s pricing structure proved ideal for the company’s needs. Unlike other cloud providers, Oracle’s costs are consistent across all global regions, making it easy for CONTUS Tech to deploy applications in multiple regions as their customer target multiple locations. Similarly, Oracle does not charge for Kubernetes cluster maintenance and data egress like some other vendors do. As a result, the company cut its support costs by over 40%. 

OCI provides the elasticity and scalability to meet increasing demand for the company’s products. Plus, Oracle’s support team reaffirmed the company’s decision to choose OCI.

Published:January 6, 2023

About the customer

Founded in 2008, CONTUS Tech is a leader in providing next-gen communications, streaming, and digital engineering services that help customers monetize content and seamlessly communicate globally.