InsightSquared scaled their outbound sales engine using company data, signals, and balanced territories

Founded in 2010, InsightSquared provides revenue intelligence solutions for high-growth technology companies.

Facing a key period of high growth, InsightSquared’s revenue team was looking to scale their efforts while continuing to improve performance at the rep level.

As part of a new account-based approach, AEs and SDRs were aligned in pods. InsightSquared needed the necessary data and automation infrastructure to enable its new process.

“A timely follow-up on a DataFox signal raises our sales conversion rates. If we reach out to prospects right after a funding event, we do way better than if we reach out cold,” says Lydstone.


Something that’s overlooked on the road to automating at scale is that you need a rock-solid data foundation to depend on. When building out our outbound sales engine, we defined which data points we needed to be spot on, and which vendor was best for each. We ended up replacing three providers with DataFox—they cover firmgraphics, technographics, and signals really well.

Maxwell LydstoneSenior Director of Business Operations, InsightSquared

Business challenges

  • Improve revenue generation and SDR team performance
  • Cut out manual errors and tedious research that prevented efficient, targeted sales outreach at scale

We’ve cherry-picked certain signals that we know provide higher conversion rates for our outbound sales engine. DataFox shares which key hires are happening in our accounts so our reps can use that information in their prospecting templates.

Phoebe FarberSales Ops Manager, InsightSquared

Why InsightSquared Chose Oracle

Company Data

  • Automatically enrich, update, and match accounts to a DataFox company profile
  • Keep firmographic, technographic, and signal data up-to-date on an ongoing basis through real-time, automatic updates


Growth Signals

  • Armed reps with contextual outreach using 68 categorized growth signal types
  • Incorporated growth signals into account scoring model to further prioritize accounts


Territory Balancing

  • Design balanced, data-driven territories that give each rep an equal amount of quality accounts to sell into
  • Drive rep accountability using a standardized, transparent metric for territory strength


Results: Record-High SDR Performance and Shorter Ramp Times

Automated company data management, signal-based alerts, and data-driven territory balancing was key to implementing a new account-based sales process at InsightSquared.

As InsightSquared operationalized an upgraded outbound sales engine, the company entered a period of high growth and better sales performance.

  • Prospecting efforts using signals were more likely to covert to opportunities
  • Sales hit or exceeded their quarterly goals
  • 3,000 signals/week sent to reps in real time
  • 25,190 leads enriched with account-level data
  • 188,430 accounts enriched with 40+ company data points
  • Record-high performance of the SDR team
  • Shorter SDR ramp times
  • Sales hit or exceeded their quarterly goals
Published:March 6, 2019