Oracle AI for Customer Experience (CX)

Oracle AI for CX is a collection of traditional and generative AI capabilities that help marketing, sales, and service teams enhance operational efficiency and revolutionize how they connect with their customers. Optimize your engagement strategies, anticipate customer needs, and deliver personalized support while allowing technology to perform low-value tasks—freeing your teams to focus on growing your business and delighting your customers.

Webinar: Oracle AI for Customer Experience—See What’s New!

Join this 30-minute session on May 15 to learn how our latest advancements can improve productivity and efficiency across your marketing, sales, and service teams with tools including AI-assisted knowledge authoring, AI-generated email subject lines, and more.

Explore AI capabilities for Customer Experience

Predictive lead and account scoring

Improve sales and marketing alignment by using machine learning to predict which leads and accounts are most likely to engage and convert.

Actionable recommendations

Improve marketing effectiveness and grow revenue with AI-driven next best action, content sharing, sales offer, and product purchase recommendations.

SMS message authoring

Quickly author short-form content and SMS text messages to deliver more personalized, relevant, and engaging communications to your customers at scale, ultimately driving improved customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth.

Email and landing page authoring

Accelerate and optimize marketing campaign asset creation with the help of generative AI to save time, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

Email subject line and send time optimization

Achieve optimal open rates for a given email campaign by suggesting the most relevant subject lines and send times specific to each contact.

Fatigue analysis

Avoid customer disengagement with insights into the health of your contact database that help you adjust send frequency, messaging, or segmentation strategy.

Lead conversion and opportunity win probability

Give sales reps at-a-glance insight into their best leads and opportunities with predictive scoring and win probabilities. Similarly, bring into focus deals that are falling behind or need attention.

Activity effectiveness

Quickly identify which leads and contacts are most engaged with your business and tailor your next communication or engagement based on their status.

Actionable recommendations

Improve sales productivity and meet revenue targets with AI-generated recommendations including contacts to add to an opportunity, additional products to sell, and look-a-like accounts to target.

Pricing optimization

Use AI-recommended pricing and discounts to strike a balance between achieving the most revenue with the highest likelihood to close.

Win-story authoring

Aid sellers in future deals by automatically creating sales opportunity win stories that provide concrete evidence of the value, reliability, and effectiveness of product offerings.

Digital assistant as an agent

Deflect common customer inquiries by letting AI-powered conversational bots help provide support, answer questions, capture details, and resolve issues without human interaction.

Service request responses

AI-generated email responses to service inquiries help improve service agent productivity and consistency while accelerating response times and time to resolution.

Service request routing and linking

Automatically classify inbound service requests by product, severity, or any criteria and route to the service agent best equipped to resolve the issue. Surface and link similar service requests to help agents quickly diagnose and troubleshoot customer problems.

Service request summarization

Generative AI creates concise, accurate summaries of service request details help service agents quickly come up to speed on customer issues—especially valuable in complex or long running service engagements.

Field service routing optimization

Predictive AI and machine learning uses individual performance pattern data to optimize field service scheduling and helps service teams maximize resource efficiency at scale and get more jobs completed per day.

Field technician job recommendations

Improve technician productivity and optimize self-scheduling by surfacing AI-generated work activity recommendations to mobile workers.

Knowledge article authoring

Accelerate and optimize the creation of knowledge articles while improving service request resolution speed, consistency, and customer experience.

Interview authoring

Quickly build out complex question-and-answer logic that adheres to business rules and regulatory requirements to improve customer onboarding, service issue identification, warranty claim processing , and other assisted and self-service engagements.

Why Oracle AI for CX?

  • Automate time consuming, low-value tasks

    Reduce the amount of routine, non-strategic work your CX professionals spend time on every day—such as authoring email copy, summarizing sales calls, or combing through service request histories—and help them focus on higher value, more impactful projects.

  • Security, privacy, and performance with no compromises

    Because the AI services embedded in Oracle Fusion Applications leverage ultra high-performing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, your sensitive business data is never shared with other infrastructure or large language model providers.

  • A user experience built for AI

    Oracle’s Redwood design system is all about providing and prescribing the path to take action. With a dynamically composable UX that has baked-in conversational elements, cross-enterprise business objects, and the ability to drive real automation, it’s a perfect fit for marketing, sales, and service professionals looking to harness classic and generative AI capabilities.

  • AI that’s ready for your business

    Adopting AI capabilities across your marketing, sales, and service teams shouldn’t require massive disruption to your day-to-day operations. Since these capabilities are built-in, simply determine which features your teams are ready to use and turn them on as you go. No need to invest heavily in training your teams or tuning new models.

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