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Oracle DataFox Data Management

Enrich and update account records with extensive, up-to-date, and accurate market and organizational data points. Fully integrated with Oracle Sales, Oracle Marketing, and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle DataFox Data Management is an account intelligence tool that not only helps businesses to grow by improving sales, account-based marketing, and supplier intelligence, but also helps standardize data between CRM and back-office systems. Move quickly from dashboard to decision with information that’s aligned across departmental databases.

Oracle DataFox Data Management Product Tour
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See Oracle DataFox Data Management in action.

Explore Oracle DataFox Data Management

Grow your revenue

Enrich customer records (PDF) with more than 70 company data points and 68 types of real-time updates and alerts. Profile and classify your customer base, improve campaign targeting with niche segmentation, and boost efficiency with rich data infused into workflows.

Expand total addressable market (TAM)

Easily locate new accounts based on your ideal customer profile and pull that account data directly into your CRM system.

Improve prospecting conversion rates

Find new companies who fit your unique criteria by applying more than 70 filters to the Oracle DataFox database of millions of companies. Expand your total addressable market and increase revenue by expanding your prospect base.

Get alerts when companies have milestone moments

Use prebuilt sales cloud and marketing cloud integrations with Oracle Sales, Salesforce, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, and DataFox APIs to integrate company updates and create real-time alerts so you can monitor news on customer or prospect accounts. Then incorporate that news into sales planning and communications.

Keep your CRM database updated and consistent

Leverage ongoing machine-learning—based (ML) anomaly detection and human validation to maintain the highest levels of data accuracy and data integrity at scale.

Increase CRM adoption

With trusted, always-updated data, consolidate business processes and reduce manual data entry to boost sales team engagement and increase reporting and forecasting accuracy.

Build better ABM campaigns

Improve your account-based marketing strategy with good, quality data. Pair an AI-driven data engine with a suite of AI capabilities to power your ABM strategy and create highly targeted, personalized customer experiences that engage and convert.

Ideal customer profile modeling

Get insights on the traits that are the most indicative of your best customers to create an ideal customer profile. With this profile, you are able to better understand your prospective target audience.

Build your own scoring model

Craft an account score to prioritize target accounts by determining the value of your inputs with an account scoring model that’s completely transparent and customizable. Visualize the makeup of each score and control the model yourself, at any time, so you can target the accounts that matter most.

Improve marketing efficiency

Prioritize your universe of target companies with a scoring model that provides a consistent method for ranking prospect companies. Save money, earn more revenue, and drive ROI by focusing on companies with the highest potential first.

Stay updated

Use prebuilt sales cloud and marketing cloud integrations with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation and APIs to integrate company updates and create real-time alerts.

Enrich account records to improve contextual personalization

Leverage 68 types of data on target companies or scan millions of company websites and more than 6,000 different news sources using natural language processing (NLP) to create your own company-level data points from unstructured text. Improve personalization by better understanding companies’ changing business needs with event-triggered segmentations.

Increase procurement efficiency and reduce risk

Oracle DataFox integrates with Oracle Cloud Procurement to leverage validated company profiles, timely alerts, and configurable risk scores to manage supplier risk. Easily ensure you have validated supplier profiles, prevent fraudulent transactions, and proactively monitor suppliers for potential risks.

Verify suppliers and reduce risk

Leverage AI and natural language processing to create and maintain accurate supplier profiles to streamline supplier onboarding and verify their authenticity.

Maintain updated and consistent procurement account records

Keep existing supplier profiles current whenever business attributes change. Align procurement systems with sales and marketing applications by tying Oracle DataFox to other Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) applications, such as Oracle Sales and Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

Broadcom effectively manages key acquisition with Oracle DataFox Data Management

Broadcom effectively manages key acquisition with Oracle DataFox Data Management

"DataFox was very helpful in getting us through the first phase of operationalizing our Symantec acquisition—and in record time. We wouldn’t do it again without you."

—Ajit Oak, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, Broadcom

Oracle DataFox Data Management customer successes

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Learn how leading companies around the world use Oracle Datafox to sell more, personalize marketing campaigns, and work more effectively with suppliers to personalize their sales and marketing campaigns. Click on a logo to learn more.

Key capabilities–DataFox Data Management

Accurate and up-to-date data

  • 2.2 million new, verified companies added per year
  • 21 million signals processed every year
  • More than 240 million data points structured by NLP
  • More than 100 human analysts who verify critical data points

More than 70 company attributes

Append prospect and customer records with more than 70 types of company attributes, including name, description, location, headcount, keywords, industries, and hierarchies.

68 machine-learning–based signal attributes

Set alerts and monitor ongoing changes with 68 types of company signal attributes, including growth, financials, leadership changes, recognitions, events, corporate updates, and risk scores.

NLP-based data creation

Scan millions of company websites and more than 6,000 different news sources using natural language processing to create company-level data points from unstructured content—such as news articles, press releases, government filings, social media, job listings, blog posts, and more—and incorporate those data points into your database.

Machine-learning–based anomaly detection

ML surfaces anomalies and then sends issues to a human analyst team to verify accuracy. Oracle DataFox uses human auditors to verify data accuracy and provide more training data to feed back into the ML models.

AI-based matching and deduplication engine

Trained models pick out identifiable companies from articles or snippets of text across the web and determine the correct company to match that data to, even if company names are ambiguous. All data points are deduplicated and matched to a legitimate, verified company.

Prebuilt integrations

Flow contextual company data directly into Eloqua Marketing Automation, Oracle Sales, Oracle Cloud Procurement, Salesforce, and other applications.

Customizable account scoring and models

Prioritize target accounts by determining the value of your inputs with a transparent and customizable account scoring model. Visualize each score’s makeup and control the model yourself, at any time, to target the accounts that matter most.

Verified data workflows

Oracle’s data verification team updates and verifies core data points used to build and enhance company profiles. Particular data points include those used for customers’ key segmentation, territory assignment, and routing rules. Examples include verifying or updating core data points on a profile, including headcount values and location data as well as critical signals such as acquisitions and IPOs.

Data anomaly resolution

Data anomalies detected by AI workflows are routed to the analyst team for resolution. Examples include companies with conflicting data points, such as a large headcount number with a small revenue number or a website URL ending in .au that has no locations in Australia.

Enterprise security and scale

Increase the relevancy of sales outreach and marketing campaigns with real-time signal data that builds the types of account-based segments that improve personalization.


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