Lamentamos, mas não foi possível localizar uma correspondência para a sua pesquisa.

Sugerimos que experimente o seguinte para encontrar aquilo que procura:

  • Verifique a ortografia da pesquisa por palavras-chave.
  • Utilize sinónimos para a palavra-chave que digitou, por exemplo, experimente “aplicação” em vez de “software”.
  • Iniciar uma nova pesquisa.

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The Future of CRM: Engineering Connected Sales Experiences

See how Oracle Fusion Sales Cloud improves sales productivity and creates better experiences for your buyers.

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The Future of CRM: Engineering Better Experiences

The Future of CRM: Engineering Better Experiences

Learn how the future of CRM erases the boundary between marketing and sales to help marketers execute campaigns that generate highly qualified opportunities.

Creating relevant customer experiences

Creating relevant customer experiences

Realize the full power of AI and machine learning with data, intelligence, and applications that work together to make every customer interaction matter.

B2B sales, B2B service, and customer loyalty experiences

B2B sales, B2B service, and customer loyalty experiences

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Guided workflows for field service delivery

See how prebuilt workflows help new mobile workers immediately contribute and field service teams consistently complete routine tasks—without extensive training.

Customer intelligence for B2C Service

See how you can deliver real-time customer intelligence that your agents can use to offer personalized and unique customer service experiences.

Utilities agent service

Give your customer service agents a utility-specific console that recommends next-best actions, provides helpful tips and articles, and guides agent workflows.

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