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Mission-Critical Transaction Processing Made Effortless

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing delivers a self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database service that can instantly scale to meet the demands of mission-critical applications. This service is available in both Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and on Exadata Cloud@Customer.



Leverages machine learning to automate database and infrastructure management, monitoring, and tuning.



Protects from all downtime, including planned maintenance, and enables online application schema updates.



Protects from both external attacks and malicious internal users. Isolates operational users from application data and ensures up-to-date security patching via software update automation.

Product Features

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More Innovation with Less Risk

    Instant Provisioning

  • Developers become more agile by instantly creating and effortlessly using databases that require no manual tuning.
  • Workload Optimization

  • Database tunes itself (indexes, memory, SQL plans, parallelism, optimizer stats) for the incoming workload as data changes over time.
  • Limitless Performance

  • Built upon the world-class, dynamic Oracle Exadata infrastructure, you will never again think about IOPS.
  • Limitless Scalability

  • Built upon Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), you can scale beyond the limits of a physical server while protecting against server level failures.
  • Always Online Operations

  • Built upon Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture: online patching, high availability, scaling, schema updates, and more are online.
  • Multi-model

  • Supports relational workloads as well as JSON Documents, graphs, and more.

Secure Data and Operations

    Latest Security Updates

  • Online, automated update of software security fixes to limit exposure to known issues and security vulnerabilities.
  • Data Privacy

  • Built upon Oracle Database Vault, unique to Oracle Cloud, which enables operations personnel to perform all administrative tasks without ever seeing customer data.
  • Protection from Malicious Actors

  • Utilizes machine learning-driven external attack detection and prevention and quarantines malicious activity.
  • Protection from Human Error

  • Built upon Oracle Flashback, which instantly rewinds accidental changes to application schemas during critical updates.
  • Always Encrypted

  • Transparently encrypts all data in the cloud, including hybrid operations with on-premises databases where data is not encrypted.

Lower Costs

    True Pay-Per-Use

  • Leverages dynamic Oracle Exadata infrastructure with Oracle RAC for online scaling up and down, even beyond the size of a physical server, lowering costs because you don’t provision for peak workload.
  • No Manual Maintenance

  • Eliminating database maintenance reduces administration costs and allows expert DBAs to focus on getting more value from data.
  • Continuous Workload Optimization

  • Requires less people to tune database as data changes over time, reducing administrative costs.
  • 100% Compatible

  • Leverage existing licenses, tools, and skill sets to easily transform on-premises operations to cloud-based services.


  • Orchestrate infrastructure and database as code and run with limitless scalability for continuous, online business operations.
Oracle Customers

Oracle Autonomous Customer Successes


MESTEC Innovates Manufacturing with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

  • 50% productivity increases with factory automation
  • 600% performance increase with Azure interconnect
  • Half the CPUs, labor, and hardware costs
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is the foundation of our solution.
Mark Carleton, Director, MESTEC
JASCI logo

JASCI Innovates Logistics with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

  • 100x faster order processing
  • Process 2x orders with half the labor in the same time
  • Greater scalability to onboard any size customer
Today’s greatest challenge is meeting customer demands for order fulfillment. Speed is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. With Oracle Autonomous Database, we are creating a new status quo for our industry so our customers can deliver their goods faster and successfully compete in the age of next-day shipping.
Craig Wilensky, CEO, JASCI
CERN logo

CERN Develops Cloud Native Services on Oracle Transaction Processing

  • Developed cloud-native app for 75,000 users in 75 days
  • Scaled up database 10x and Kubernetes engine 3x in minutes
  • Zero database management with more flexibility
In tracking down the Big Bang, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing gives our collaborators a way to get valuable feedback by testing their solutions in one of the most complex and demanding technology environments.
Eric Grancher, Leader of CERN’s Database Services Group
Grupo DPSP logo

Grupo DPSP Accelerates Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

  • Accelerated time to market by 60% for a record three-week implementation
  • Increased scalability from 50 to 10,000 simultaneous users with zero maintenance
  • Self-encryption secures and protects patient records
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing brings acceleration and a significant level of maturity leap.
Eliseu Rocha, Head of IT Enterprise Architecture, Grupo DPSP