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Agile, Flexible, and Secure

Why Oracle Cloud for Database Management?

Oracle Cloud offers a comprehensive database management platform for traditional and modern applications, providing the first autonomous database on the market, specifically engineered and optimized for high-performance database workloads as well as hyperscale, big data, and streaming workloads.

  • Autonomous operations or customer-managed
  • Continuous workload optimization
  • Protection from human error and hardware failure
  • Highest IOPS performance
  • Can support multiple data types and models in one
  • Defense in-depth data security: in transit and at rest
  • Affordable with BYOL or with pay per use
  • 100 percent on-premises compatibility

Cloud Database Management Customer Successes

Drop Tank logo

Rewards company fuels growth with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse


Drop Tank

Drop Tank can now automatically scale to support millions of their loyalty members for faster growth.

ICAT logo

Insurance company provides better service to their customers and partners



ICAT uses Oracle Database Cloud Service for their core business operations.


What's New with Oracle Cloud Database Management