Paradigm Shift: Autonomous Database Is Driving Innovation Today

In this Oracle webcast, Adam Ronthal, Gartner Research Director, and Juan Loiza, Oracle EVP of Systems Technology, examine the impact that database automation is having on the IT landscape.

Paradigm Shift: Autonomous Database Is Driving Innovation Today

Experience Autonomous Workshops Global Event Series

Innovate faster with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Experience Autonomous Workshops  Global Event Series
Autonomous Database: Sit back, relax, and let Oracle do the driving.
Autonomous Database: Sit back, relax, and let Oracle do the driving.


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What is Autonomous Data Warehouse?

Autonomous Data Warehouse is the first of many cloud services built on the next-generation, self-driving Autonomous Database technology. This service uses artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented reliability, performance, and highly elastic data management that enables data warehouse deployment in seconds.

How It Works


No Manual Labor: The World’s First Self-Driving Database

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse uses machine learning to automatically tune, patch, upgrade, monitor, and secure your database without manual intervention or downtime. Users can provision a data warehouse in a matter of minutes, without depending on specialized experts. Self-tuning and scaling helps you to store and compute resources more efficiently while your database is running so you pay for only what you use.


Ever Vigilant: Self-Securing database automatically responds to cyberattacks and prevents data theft

Oracle Autonomous Database automatically backs up your data and applies all security updates, including end-to-end encryption of data while the system is running. In addition, all access is monitored and tracked and appropriate action is automatically taken to ensure that bad actors, whether internal or external, are prevented from accessing your data. With Oracle, multilayered, in-depth protection from both internal and external vulnerabilities and attacks ensures that your data is safe. Automatic application of patches and backup keep your data secured and eliminate manual error prone manual processing, so the security of your data is not left to chance.


No Human Error: Get 99.995 availability with self-driving database

Oracle Autonomous Database automatically recovers from any downtime, including system failures, human errors, and maintenance, and ensures that your mission-critical applications are always online. It uses artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented reliability and performance to data-warehouse deployments.

Oracle guarantees less than 2.5 minutes of downtime per month (planned and unplanned).

Power of Autonomous

Data Warehouse Benefits for Your Business



Deploying a data warehouse can be done in a matter of minutes. For new deployments, users specify tables, load data, then run their workloads with only a few clicks—no manual tuning or database experts needed.



Autonomous Data Warehouse is built on Oracle Exadata, using capabilities such as parallelism, columnar processing, and compression to deliver unmatched high performance, scalability, and reliability.



Storage and compute resources can be scaled independently with database services running and with no downtime. You pay only for resources consumed when you need them—without any interruptions.

Why Data Warehouse from Oracle?

Autonomous Data Warehouse is market-leading Oracle Database software running on proven Oracle Exadata infrastructure that is optimized to deliver unbeatable performance for data warehouse workloads. Built-in adaptive machine learning eliminates manual labor for administrative management. With Oracle, business and enterprise users can now build their own data warehouse, data mart, or sandbox in a few minutes.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate costly downtime due to manual, error-prone configurations with adaptive, machine-learning management, including self-driving maintenance of patches, updates, and upgrades. With Autonomous Database, you can cut your Amazon bill in half, guaranteed*.

* Guarantee available at launch of Autonomous Data Warehouse, on February 12, 2018. Subject to minimum purchase. Savings based on pricing as of 11/01/2017. Terms and conditions apply.
Easy Migration Database
Ebook: Autonomous Data Warehouse (PDF)

Design, load, and analyze your data quickly, without manual data management.

Webcast: Step-by Step Guide to Autonomous Data Warehouse

How does Autonomous Data Warehouse really work? Get all your questions answered.

Reduce Risk

Oracle Autonomous Database automatically responds to cyberattacks and prevents data theft without downtime. Self-securing features administer security automatically with self-patching and self-updates. All data is automatically secured with strong data encryption by default. Access is monitored and controlled to protect from both unauthorized external and internal access.

Automatic Data Protection
Video: Autonomous Database—Security by Default (2:26)

Oracle’s approach to automating data security in the cloud.

IDC White Paper: The Security Benefits of Self-Patching: Autonomous Database

Automatic application of patches keeps your data secured and eliminates manual and error-prone processes.

Accelerate Innovation

Monetize your data by eliminating manual IT complexity, reducing cost, and delivering better business insights.

Cloud-Scale Simplicity
Ipaper: Autonomous Data Warehouse (PDF)

Reduce cost, increase reliability, and performance to extract more value from your data.

Competitive solution brief: Unleash the Potential of Your Data with Autonomous Database (PDF)

Learn why Autonomous Database is superior to commodity cloud vendors.

Optimized for Analytics

Deliver high-value data insights and analytics to your business and applications today.

Unbeatable Performance
Ebook: Your New Autonomous Data Warehouse (PDF)

Design, load, and analyze your data quickly and efficiently.

Webcast: Empowering Business with More Sophisticated, Faster Analytics

Drive innovation by using the extreme power of your Autonomous Data Warehouse to accelerate data preparation and analysis.

Agea Accelerates Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Database

Agea accelerates its digital transformation, reduces costs by nearly 50 percent, and eliminates maintenance and patching with greater availability than an on-premises appliance.

Sensa Analytics

Easy, fast, and elastic experience with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Run Advanced Analytics with No Network Latency

Jerry Gearding, CTO of DX Marketing, explains how running advanced analytics with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse eliminates network latency.

Customer Stories

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Customer Successes


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