Database Appliance

Oracle Database Appliance is the easiest and most affordable way for small- and medium- sized organizations and business units, including those with distributed locations, to deploy and manage their databases, applications, and infrastructure. With it, you can reduce Oracle Database deployment times and management workloads using a database-optimized engineered system with end-to-end management automation. Oracle Database Appliance’s high performance, availability, and automation help you run crucial applications faster, with less downtime and at a lower cost.

Why choose Oracle Database Appliance

Simple and fast to install

Start running databases and applications in under two hours with this prebuilt database-optimized engineered system with automated setup.

Performance optimized

Tightly integrated Oracle Database Appliance hardware and software are optimized to achieve peak performance for Oracle Database and your applications.

Lower total costs

Low-entry configuration pricing and flexible CPU licensing with a minimum of two CPU cores per server reduce your total cost of ownership.

Oracle Cloud integration

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration enables your IT staff to back up and archive data in the cloud while easily moving workloads to the cloud when needed.

Single-vendor support

Oracle supports all hardware and software with quarterly patching that’s simpler to deploy than multivendor DIY solutions.

Oracle Database Appliance customer successes

  • Electrohuila

    Using Oracle Database Appliance, the Colombian electrical utility cut from 12 hours to only 2 the time it takes to analyze key customer data each day.

  • Hill Brothers

    Puerto Rico-based food-distribution company deploys Oracle Database Appliance and achieves 99.9% hardware availability.

  • The payments processor uses Oracle Database Appliance to handle payments in 0.003 seconds with 99.99% availability and increases the shift to digital transactions for Mexican merchants.

  • By moving its PeopleSoft workload to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), district cuts IT infrastructure and facility costs by 75% with zero downtime.

Oracle Database Appliance benefits

  • Faster to deploy than DIY solutions

    You can accelerate the availability of new services in remote offices and edge environments by deploying Oracle Database Appliance in 2 hours, which is 10X faster than DIY solutions, according to an analysis by Dragon Slayer Consulting (PDF).

  • Costs aligned with on-premises demands

    With Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Database licensing starts on as few as two CPU cores and can increase as workloads grow. This reduces your costs when compared with DIY solutions that require all CPU cores to be licensed.

  • High availability for Oracle Databases and applications

    Oracle Database Appliance optimizes the availability of your crucial Oracle Database instances with redundant, highly available hardware and Oracle Real Application Clusters support in high availability configurations.

  • Easily protect data in the cloud

    Appliance Manager automates backing up and archiving of databases to local external storage or in OCI to protect information generated in remote offices and edge environments.

September 19, 2023

Oracle Database Appliance X10—Much More Powerful Database-Optimized Entry-Level Engineered Systems

Christian Craft, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

With Oracle Database Appliance X10’s enhanced capabilities, you can achieve up to 50% higher OLTP database performance per core and a 150% increase in total performance compared with the previous generation platform. By providing more performance for the same entry pricing, customers achieve substantially improved price-performance.

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